4th Street Bowl

4th Street Bowl

  Name: 4th Street Bowl  
  Address: 1441 North 4th Street  
  City: San Jose  
  State: CA  
  Zip: 95112  
  Phone: (408) 453-5555  
  Hours: Sun-Thurs 9am-2am Fri-Sat 9am-3am  
  Lanes: 32  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
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Votes:    161
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9
Food: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
Price: Actual Value is 2Actual Value is 2
Fun: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
Overall: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
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4th Street Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 8/1/2007 Name: Regis
The breakfasts are fantastic. Never an empty cup of coffee. Kerrie and Maria are a welcome part of the morning. Aloha.

Comment Date: 8/17/2006 Name: Matt
I used to work there. The fun part of my day was Saturday mornings before the Jr league started. I always had to go out and sweep up the bullet shells in the parking lot before the kids and parents came in.

Comment Date: 8/8/2006 Name: Bar Fly
4th Street Bowl has been my hang out for years. I bowl, shoot darts and drink there. For the most part I have a good fun time! The bar on the weekends can seem a bit Intimidating but the people are friendly. The Bartenders are very nice!

Comment Date: 1/11/2006 Name: mike R
My friend was shot here..

Comment Date: 9/17/2005 Name: ANGELA
I bowl there on a league and the owners are great people with manners. I have not had a bad experience there in years. As for the club crowd it looks a little crazy but if you don’t mess with them they don’t mess with you. I love the place and the bowling is great fun.

Comment Date: 5/19/2005 Name: dede
We had fun were treated nicely, didn’t feel any gangsta vibe, and 5 of 7 of us were white.

Comment Date: 2/10/2005 Name: Joe
Low prices. Good lanes. New synthetics. Pretty safe.
I don’t know about the “anonymous” gangbanger guy, I’ve been going there for years and never had any problems with “bangers” or “asian triad”. San Jose is a diverse place. If you don’t like it, move to a red state.

Comment Date: 2/9/2005 Name: Anonymous
Don’t expect to be treated nice if you are not Asian. And if you are Asian, hope that you are not mistaken as a Triad member and shot. This place is a s—hole. Ever since the new owners came in it has tanked.

Comment Date: 5/17/2004 Name: Anonymous
Nice synthetic lanes.. Clean, new, re-modeled lanes, ball returns, and screens. Only down side to center are the approaches. Wayyyyyy too slippery. Hope you have interchangeable soles.

Comment Date: 5/13/2004 Name: J.
I’ve been going to 4th St. my whole life, and their restaurant serves good food, and the bowling alley’s open late. The people are nice. What more do you need? Common sense, I think, if you don’t lock your doors anyway.

Comment Date: 4/5/2004 Name: Anonymous
4th street is not in a nice part of town, but the bar is dark and the bartenders are nice . Fun place to relax and have a drink. Make sure to lock you car. 🙂

Comment Date: 2/4/2004 Name: Anonymous
Great place if you like hanging out with gangbangers and Asian triad members. Don’t forget your Kevlar vest!

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