Diablo Valley Bowl

Diablo Valley Bowl

  Name: Diablo Valley Bowl  
  Address: 1500 Monument Boulevard #G  
  City: Concord  
  State: CA  
  Zip: 94520  
  Phone: (925) 349-5622  
  Lanes: 48  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
  Comments: Under new management. Big improvement from Diablo Lanes  
How Does Diablo Valley Bowl Rate?
Votes:    124
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9
Food: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
Price: Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5
Fun: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
Overall: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
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Diablo Valley Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 1/3/2016 Name: Ross Ellington
I don’t get the negative reviews of this bowling alley. It is not bad at all. The lanes are well kept and oiled everyday and the approaches do get tacky, but you have to adjust. It is a really easy house shot and is meant to be that way. I’ve never had problems with service and there prices are very reasonable and cheaper than any bowling alleys in this area. It’s way better than screwed up Clayton Bowl and since the lanes are Pro-Anvilane and the oil is slick, they do carry down a lot, but everyone has to adjust. You can’t give a bowling alley a bad review because you don’t like the way they oil the lanes. That’s just wrong. And for those of you complaining that it’s in Concord, Concord is not ghetto at all! One thing that I like about this place compared to others is that there are plenty of lanes in this house and it doesn’t get overly crowded like the others in the area. The old scoring could use an upgrade, but other than that, there is really no other bowling alley near here that can beat this.

Comment Date: 5/31/2014 Name: kathy
I and our team are moving on; the place is to noise now. The people are pushy; Yes there is another D bowling all in the area, Danville bowl new equipment and sparkle blue clean.

Comment Date: 12/8/2012 Name: Anonymous
you joined the 21st Century, the league results (weekly)are on line — tnanks sooooo much.!!!

Comment Date: 6/21/2012 Name: Hard to believe
Wow. What a difference from last time we were there. The new management (Leo) has the staff extremely customer service oriented. I’ll be bowling there this coming league season!

Comment Date: 3/28/2012 Name: Anonymous
As of April 16th the owners that paid for and installed the fantastic state of the art equipment when they were there ARE BACK! They have already announced that every league bowler in the center this summer will receive free practice bowling every day, all summer! Welcome back………..wooooooo hoooooooo

Comment Date: 9/7/2011 Name: John Zorec
Well this is the first time I purchased a bowling ball and did not have to pay a greater price than the Internet’s prices. yes, they have sales during the month of September; just go and see,I did. Internet prices have additional charges in drill frees whether in their shop of a home town one. Try This shop for a package ball and drilling in the same day.

Comment Date: 8/27/2011 Name: Edward James
Thank You, Diablo Lanes Pro-shop,Rey; Yes, its your first week in business. After the service you gave me and the light discussion on my bowling form that the tracks on the ball showed to you; I and the ball feel and look like new. I will start the season with a better view with a ball that now fits my hand. Thank You

Comment Date: 8/26/2011 Name: Pete Corbin
Well; The Diablo Lane’s Pro Shop is open again with a new proprietor with a refreshing view on Customer Service. Just drop by and talk bowling, Treat yourselft to a ball’s simple adjustment; it is only a few dollars with their new and returning customer discounts from now through September. He adjusted my fingers and thumb, yes, I gained weight in the off season. The have all the equipment for de-oiling and resurfacing out all those balls lane’s battle scars.

Comment Date: 8/3/2010 Name: Travel League Anchor Player
It is past time that I respond to the thieves that are patron of Diable lanes, to see or experience their acts just leave your bowling equipment and accessories just out of your reach and some of your bowling items will be missing each and every time you visit this establishment. I have lost item three separate time. Try me again and I will have these gland handers that talk to you and pick your pockets out of business. Where are the employee monitor persons or is it the employee?

Comment Date: 8/3/2010 Name: John Zody
Well lets see; the comments on unmaintained equipment at Diablo Lanes is true and the reply that other lanes in the are are better does not hold Water. Paddock is changing all lane surfaces as well as the pin decks. Clayton valley has the best new approach material available with new lane surfaces that get better every time we use them. Hello your blind

Comment Date: 5/12/2010 Name: drcbk
No matter what the shot is, it is the job of the bowler to adapt. Lanes break down everywhere. Some centers have more trouble than others but none is always trouble free.. Diablo is better than several others jn the area.

Comment Date: 5/4/2010 Name: Former League Bowler
I will never ever bowl league here again. I was bowling on Wednesday night in the so called Showcase League what a joke.. Every left handed bowler averaged way over their heads including Eric the owner. No free games for Xmas no free round of drinks when a lane breaks down and you have to be moved. House Shot??? What a joke… Eric needs to sell before it closes and bowlers l;eave like I did,,,

Comment Date: 5/2/2010 Name: ?
There’s nothing wrong with the area at all. If you’re afraid of Concord than I honestly don’t understand how you can function. The center is a lot of fun, the people who work and bowl here are awesome. It’s better than that dumpster, Danville Bowl any day.

Comment Date: 1/22/2010 Name: bowler 220 PLUS
dirty house bad area don’t bowl here, but simple lanes.

Comment Date: 1/21/2010 Name: Jonathan Winchell
I have heard the positives and negatives about Diablo Lanes and they both have merits on each side but with that said, it is the Owner Eric Hattrup which makes it either acceptable or unacceptable for bowlers to bowl. It is my belief that Eric Hattrup has done nothing to run the business in a positive way, that is my opinion. Eric Hattrup has made my bowling experience unbearable for many reasons but since I can’t talk about non bowling related services I will just conclude I am still going to bowl in spite of everything that goes on here.

Comment Date: 10/12/2009 Name: Wonderful establishment
I bowled league here over the summer with my dad on Thursday nights. We had a blast and appreciated the staff who actually care about the customer. The people we met were amazing and I will surely return upon arriving home.

Comment Date: 8/21/2008 Name: upset bowler
i’ve been bowling in concord for 4 years now, since fred left ,the center has gone down hill, my equipment and others i bowl with also come back dirty ,the lanes constantly break break ,down if the management can’t afford to maintain the house he should sell and get someone in who is willing to put his love and labor into making diablo the best center in california ,to bad he has some great employees working for him sue at the desk is very courtious,would like to see management aknowledge the fact she busts her butt too make the center at least tolerable even through the lane breakdowns hopefully the owner will pull his head out of hisyou know where and loosen his wallet and maintain the lanes both machine and lanes.if not bowlers will leave,i’m really curious to see if the owner will have new pins for winter leauges if not youll see less and less leagues at diablo,starting really already ,wed was 32 plus teams,at one time there was a wiating list,hopefully the owner will ask his bowlers what he can do to improve the house and start putting his time into a center that could be the talk of california and once again be a great place to bowl and have fun.

Comment Date: 8/21/2008 Name: Bowler looking elsewhere
Why complain online when you need to go straight to Owner or should I say, why complain about his play ground… he can run it anyway he wants; however, it’s the league bowlers that seem to be on the endangered species list with Diablo lanes.
All Bowling lanes have problems. Just maybe, Eric can’t afford to address the problem and by ignoring, they will go away. “They” meaning the BOWLERS!! The Owner should take care of his house before it falls like a house of cards.

Comment Date: 3/10/2008 Name: Visiting Match Club Bowler
Crappy bar service,,, 6 Lanes down,,, Decent conditions but would have loved a drink,,, The fat bartender on
Saturday nights needs an attitude adjustment, waitress agrees,,,

Comment Date: 1/15/2008 Name: Paul Zoric
Very Interesting Bowling at Diablo Lanes, First the lanes are not groomed; so be it. Matching scores to ones average or to another player successes is part of bowling; So Diablo Fix the Scoring System. Spares instead of strikes, Poor pin counts; and a little oil is not that expensive even if gas prices are high.

Comment Date: 12/21/2007 Name: Friday League Bowlers
Last week for our Diablo League’s Mid year position round; We had to bowl on lanes that were not prepared. The manager at Diablo refused to groom the lanes and became quite upset as we insisted. He was so upset at us, he prepared the lanes that were not being used at the other end of the alley. Great; I believe the statement is we struck out and need to move our league to another house; lets all go to Clayton Valley Bowl.

Comment Date: 12/17/2007 Name: Sofi
I received the worst service ever from them. I made reservations for a group of 20 for a special event and made a down payment. After receiving confirmation from every body, I received a call from the bowling center before the event by two days informing me that they have to cancel my reservation because they have a bowling tournment and that they over booked. The manager was very rude and did not even apologize. All he could say is change your booking or go to another bowling center and we’ll give you your money back.

Comment Date: 6/7/2007 Name: p-a-r-t-y!!!(conserns)
me and my friend have read your guys comments and they all seem to say that your lanes are good, but service is bad. we wanted to through a party, but we are questioning if you guys would be able to cater to our friends needs. and were wondering if our age group(13-15) would fit/feel comfertable sence most of your comments come from elderly people.last time we were there you guys seemed fine but that was a long while ago and we are just checking.

Comment Date: 8/9/2006 Name: Anonymous
the pro shop has the weirdest hours known to man.

Comment Date: 8/8/2006 Name: Alex Mochizuki
I had another tournament here and to my opinion it’s another good place to bowl.

Comment Date: 3/13/2006 Name: PVT Gibson
I like Diablo Lanes alot, I go there all the time and I have been to Clayton lanes and they have messed up, and cracked balls you can bowl with not to mention you have to give them a shoe. With this said, at Diablo Lanes you get new balls and if they aren’t new then they are in good condition, also, the customer assistance is great, the prices are good, I personally go every Monday and I enjoy every second of my military leave at Diablo Lanes. Neighborhood isn’t so bad, just don’t go looking for trouble or you will find it, but I haven’t seen one bad incident there in the past 6 months, also the security is good, a great place for families, and soldiers like myself. Thank you Diablo.

Comment Date: 2/8/2006 Name: Anonymous
Bad location but overall good place.

Comment Date: 8/31/2005 Name: No Name
I have just purchased two balls from your pro-shop and had them drilled. Well, you forgot to place my name on them; so I asked to have my name drilled into them after three weeks. Why did you state it now is $10.00 per ball. My question is didn’t you get enough money at my original purchases? P.S. The thumb holes were drilled wrong, again thanks.

Comment Date: 6/11/2005 Name: bowling9883
I am interested in the sport league I keep hearing about. Sounds like a great opportunity to try it out and see what it is like. I think the place is pretty nice inside and the place is very easy to achieve high scores in. Better location would be nice though.

Comment Date: 3/17/2005 Name: Realist
I bowl here semi frequently. Really enjoy the lanes. Agree with the off hours prices as being very high, agree with the pinsetters having problems semi often, and agree about the pro shop hours. I do not agree with the lanes being erratic. They are either always bone dry, or alot of carrydown. I still enjoy myself when I go there, and believe the staff to be doing a decent job.

Comment Date: 1/14/2005 Name: Medium Average Bowler
The lane conditions are that of an old house, very inconsistent. One night they are fresh and smooth the next night they are tired and choppy. But when they take care of the lanes with fresh oil they are very nice. But that is not the norm for them. If you play a straight head pin shot and get splits all the time this is the place for you. It can make any dead red head pin bowler a medium to high average bowler. If you are a medium average bowler this place will kill your game.

Comment Date: 12/24/2004 Name: Senior Citizen
I bowl here weekly and an quite frustrated. The lanes are new and the building is renevated while the scoring computed has enhancements it’s basic function are still failing. It scores a pin less than what we knock down. The ball return is quite slow. We have been told that all upgrades were cosmetic and that all equipment is still the same and is not maintained properly per our waiting for correct score and ball returning. I am stopping there except for one senior league. I will practice at a bowling alley closer to home and join their leagues.

Comment Date: 12/19/2004 Name: Senior Practice Bowler
Your lanes are good with equipment that is quite modern but your ability to cater to the older generation is handicaped. Few people on the lanes but if a drop in arrives their is not senior rate. You charge a premium price for non-popular hours, in fact you are inconsiderate to your customers in your pricing. So just go to other alleys.

Comment Date: 10/25/2004 Name: Confused, Help
I bowl quite frequently and have needs from the Pro Shop. Why does your Pro shop only open at mid-afternoon? Your competition, Danville Bowl, Dublin Bowl, and Clayton Bowl are open in the AM as well as the rest of the day/evening.

Comment Date: 10/10/2004 Name: Confused
New alleys, equipment, and Manager with league play throughout the day. But where is the Pro Shop support? It is only open late afternoon, therefore high prices just for equipment, without people to serve me and my fellow bowlers.

Comment Date: 9/6/2004 Name: disappointed
Prices just went up 9/2/04 from high to expensive. Now too expensive for families. Newly remodeled with nice alleys, bright bowling areas, computerized pinsetters and a friendly staff. Pinsetters have occasional problems. Washrooms are not clean and are old. Ceiling tiles in alley are old and have stains.

Comment Date: 7/13/2004 Name: Jeffrey K.
Wow! This center is the best I have ever been in. Their modernization is without question hands above anywhere else. You have to see it to believe it.

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