Del Rosa Lanes Bowling Center

Del Rosa Lanes Bowling Center

  Name: Del Rosa Lanes Bowling Center  
  Address: 1499 East Highland Avenue  
  City: San Bernardino  
  State: CA  
  Zip: 92404  
  Phone: (909) 886-4675  
  Hours: Open 7 days a week at 9am to 12am  
  Lanes: 32  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
  Comments: Del Rosa Lanes offers family fun and a friendly atmosphere of bowling for everyone, including bumpers for the kids, a video arcade, pro shop, a snack bar and lounge. Del Rosa Lanes is a great place to have birthday parties, fundraisers, company parties, family gatherings, reunions or holiday celebrations. We have bowling party packages, specials, cosmic and more.  
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Del Rosa Lanes Bowling Center Comments

Comment Date: 3/18/2014 Name: Anonymous
was there this past weekend the owner kept yelling over the loudspeaker about some drinking club. Very low class for a association tournament.

Comment Date: 1/20/2014 Name: ?
Update: Now Del Rosa has a machine that sprays oil. Lanes still dry for most bowlers except the manager who throws a spinner. Please set up the lanes for customers not management!

Comment Date: 11/21/2013 Name: RON SANDUSKY
first of all the machine does not spray oil on the lanes. its a wick machine that lays out a pattern that is entered in the machine manually thru the computer. as far as me not caring about the bowling center nothing is farther from the truth. we have made many improvements as follows.
air conditioning repaired
carpet cleaned more often
new pins
lights in parking lot fixed
better food
more specials available at more affordable pricing
im sorry that you have had a problem at our center my door is always open for anything we can do to improve your experience at del rosa lanes.

Comment Date: 10/9/2013 Name: county league bowler – Randy Perrine
Del Rosa Lanes are as bad as ever. The machine that is used sprays oil from the one board to the other one board. Their has not been a Pattern laid down on the lanes in a year. Ron either no longer cares or his hands are tied. What happened to bringing back the fun at Del Rosa. Fun begins with a new machine that lays down a consistent pattern. Scores should not fluctuate 60-70 pins each game. Invest in a new Machine or Del Rosa will loose more teams and leagues to neighboring lanes.

Comment Date: 10/8/2013 Name: Misty Lynn Loocke-Smith
Okay Place to Bowl.

Comment Date: 10/5/2013 Name: Misty Lynn Loocke-Smith
Nice place to bowl.

Comment Date: 8/14/2013 Name: Citrus Belt USBC Bowling League
On every Tuesdays at 3:00pm to 5:15pm in September thru May at the Del Rosa Lanes to win 1st Place to get a high scores.

Comment Date: 7/22/2013 Name: ?
Tuesday night league is the biggest one they have this summer. Why no league sheets available online or scores put into the bowling paper’s column?

Comment Date: 6/18/2013 Name: Ron Sandusky
We would like to thank all the cars that showed up at our 1ST Annual Fathers Day Car Show. WE also would like to INVITE all our friends from the past and current bowlers to come check us out for there future bowling experiences and join us for all the fun that is coming back to DEL ROSA LANES.

Comment Date: 5/29/2013 Name: ?
No new comments, has anything changed?

Comment Date: 5/22/2013 Name: RON SANDUSKY
Update on Del Rosa Lanes:
We have done alot of work so far as follows
1. We oil the lanes twice everyd day at the same times, so our bowlers know what to expect as far as lane conditions for their league and practice sessions are consistant.
2. Carpeting and Air Conditioning have been fixed and cleaned to make Del Rosa Lanes the FUN place to have a good time bowling.
3. We have a new COSMIC Bowling experience that has been updated for your convenience
**********COME IN AND CHECK US OUT*************

Comment Date: 4/13/2013 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Great bowling alley, but I wish they’d lower the price of open bowling a bit.

Comment Date: 2/3/2013 Name: Citrus Belt USBC Bowling League
On every Tuesdays at 3:00pm to 5:15pm at the Del Rosa Lanes in September thru May to win 1st Place to get a high scores.

Comment Date: 1/28/2013 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Regarding Joe Bowler: All Lanes are oiled twice a day, once before 9:am and at 4:pm. I can’t help you with the sub fee, but the Pro Shop will open in the first week of February. Come on down and try us out.

Comment Date: 1/25/2013 Name: Anonymous
Your rug needs to get a good cleaning and your prices are a little high.

Comment Date: 1/14/2013 Name: Friend of the big (D)
Ron’s a good man so i’ll wait and see if he can bring back most of the bowlers from the past. Good luck Ron.

Comment Date: 1/6/2013 Name: Joe Bowler
I hope new management can turn Del Rosa Lanes around but its going to take alot of work. I don’t think they should fire or get rid of anyone but they should take certain responsibilities away from certain people such as Lane Condition, shot set up,and don’t let mechanics decide when to oil lanes I mean try to go practice there on a Tuesday morning if the lane or lanes you haven’t had league on them since the day before there is a good chance you will be bowling on the Sahara Desert **NO OIL** I mean come on how much does it cost to oil lanes? As for the staff Snack bar is great Shandi knows her stuff. Porters need to be a little more bowling knowledgeable. Bar is good Amy & Albert are friendly and know how to make pretty much any drink. Desk people Tony is awesome but missing Dean…The biggest thing I dislike about this place is some of there leagues have a $5 sub fee which I understand was voted in against certain bowlers that would sub every night if possible and also I heard that in the Thursday Laughlin league they pick and choose who has to pay that sub fee……How’s that fair? Either charge everyone or don’t charge at all. And where is this sub fee going if it’s going in to that leagues prize fund doesn’t that make that sub eligible for prize money at the end? This could get ugly. I really don’t want to see Del Rosa Lanes close down but they do have a battle in front of them. And what’s up on a pro shop?

Comment Date: 12/28/2012 Name: tj telbert
So ron’s taken over Del Rosa Well good luck Ron oh first get rid of big mouth verlane and mary and ill come back.

Comment Date: 12/11/2012 Name: Anonymous
Is Del Rosa still open ?

Comment Date: 12/1/2012 Name: DJ miles
This center needs more bowlers its sad because this could be a nice place to come. Its a nice looking center the only problum is the carpet is very dirty and needs a good cleaning. Oh and your bathroom does’nt smell very good. p.s. the womans bathroom.

Comment Date: 11/29/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
We would like to Welcome our new General Manager “Ron Sandusky” to Del Rosa Lanes !!!

WE ARE NOW STARTING TO BRING BACK THE FUN BOWLING CENTER OF YEARS PAST. As of Dec 1st 2012 I will be the New General Manager of Del Rosa Bowl and will be bringing the fun back to the center. Come in to say hello and see for yourself. See you soon

Comment Date: 11/28/2012 Name: yes sir
About (5) years ago del rosas rating was way up there have you seen it lately. Thats just not right people, come on.

Comment Date: 11/27/2012 Name: a customer
The older man who worked most of the nights seems to be gone now, He was the person I hoped would bring back old customers as he was always personable and had our best interests at heart while also doing a good job.

Comment Date: 11/26/2012 Name: ?
Verlane’s the big problum here get rid of the —– and mary tooooooo. And get a person that knows How a bowling center suppose to operate.

Comment Date: 11/23/2012 Name: Anonymous
I take my daughters twice a month at least, On Sat. mornings(thats my day). We go for the breakfast bowl, 3games, shoes, and breakfast 12bucks. When we started the wanted the bumper rails up. Now they’re getting close to beating Dad. There getting there 1st. balls 4 xmas this yr and r very excited about it! It’s good quality time with my girls which enriches all are lives. THANK YOU; Verlane all the Sat. staff ur appreciated!!!

Comment Date: 11/13/2012 Name: UPSET
Tom should never have sold this center to a person who dosent even live in the city of San Bernardino. That woman didn’t care for our city and it’s bowlers. Tom I hope you get this message please respect our city and it’s BOWLERS.

Comment Date: 11/10/2012 Name: bowler
I agree with you, I too hope the bowlers come back. It’s sad to see Del Rosa in it’s present state.

Comment Date: 11/5/2012 Name: nameless
Del Rosa Lanes: I still bowl here and hope to see old bowlers from the past come back, It’s a same that the old manager ran 90% of the house bowlers out. Tom has taken the center back and if he can come back why can’t you?

Comment Date: 10/31/2012 Name: ????
Who’s RUNNING this alley these days ???

Comment Date: 10/30/2012 Name: TJ
What do you charge per game ?

Comment Date: 10/28/2012 Name: once del rosa bowler
I see a lot of people who were bowling at Del Rosa are now at arrowhead,empire or fontana lanes. its going to be a bitch getting these bowlers back.

Comment Date: 10/15/2012 Name: Anonymous
I wonder if del rosa lanes will come back ! I for one hope so. It’s going to take a professional manager.

Comment Date: 10/4/2012 Name: John polices
I’m new to the erea and an avid bowler I visited your center on the 1st and 3rd of October. Where are your leagues? I ask a porter who too ask for information on leagues, he said he didnt know. He said to stay by the desk and wait for someone to help. I waited for about ten minutes and left, I ended up in the city of fontana cal. great place to bowl and i hope i’ve a found a home.

Comment Date: 9/28/2012 Name: Anonymous
Poeple say the thing’s about the old and i do mean old owner, because she is to blame for wrecking bowling in San Bernardino. Is there any challengers?

Comment Date: 9/12/2012 Name: Anonymous
I wish people would stop blaiming nacole for all the problums. She never had any real help, so stop calling her names please !!!!

Comment Date: 9/11/2012 Name: Anonymous
To the person who ask if that woman is still the owner? The answer is shes gone!!!!!!!! I hope to hell……

Comment Date: 9/11/2012 Name: Anonymous
Ill never bowl there ever agian !!!!!!! The owner is a moron, that dosnt know how to treat real bowlers and for that mater anybody.

Comment Date: 9/5/2012 Name: Anonymous
I bowled here years ago, does that lady still own this center ? how can i find out ?

Comment Date: 8/17/2012 Name: Anonymous
Who runs this alley? It doen’t seem to have anyone in charge. The staff needs help on how to handle patrons.

Comment Date: 8/14/2012 Name: Anonymous
My new ball got scrach very bad and the desk said it wasn’t bad enough to replace it. I WONT BE BACK ***holes

Comment Date: 8/13/2012 Name: ???????
I would like to know who is running del rosa lanes? I can never find out how much it cost to bowl a game or anything until it’s to late. I won’t be coming back that’s for sure.

Comment Date: 8/13/2012 Name: bowler
The center look’s good but the people who run it are very crude.

Comment Date: 8/3/2012 Name: del rosa lanes ?
Hoooooo ever wrote the story about this center needs to know del rosa doesnt make bowling centers Brunzwick does. And its not their falt, DEl rosa is a independant center. Its the verlanes and marys and of cource nacol that made this center a freken joke.

Comment Date: 7/12/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Most of the problems this place has is that is part of Brunswick. Everything seems to have to go back to Del Rosa Lanes in San Bernardino. Brunswick Corp bowling as merdy recreation, rather that a sport. Del Rosa Lanes may be the biggest maker of equipment, but they don’t have the right mentality to run bowling centers to reach SERIOUS bowlers. Most Brunswick owned centers leagues are way down. The people here are friendly, but at times you get the impression that they get burned at since the center appears to be short staffed.

Comment Date: 7/10/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
how much does it cost to bowl

Comment Date: 7/7/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
This bowling alley is fun and has good service! It is a good place to hang out or have a birthday party!

Comment Date: 6/30/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Could your website please list some useful info such as prices for bowling, specials etc…?

Comment Date: 6/27/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
That was awesome!!!

Comment Date: 6/14/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
I love the lanes, but my ball got scratched up and the prices in the snack bar and for games could be lower, but the customer service was AWESOME

Comment Date: 6/14/2012 Name: Anonymous
bowling4ever sounds like she on the *** . Smile

Comment Date: 6/14/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
What time do you open and close.

Comment Date: 6/10/2012 Name: bowling4ever
anonymous my “bloomers” are just fine. coming from you, that must mean your’e one of those old fogies that think they know EVERYTHING, so with that i’ll consider this over, cuz you might forget what we are talking about soon.

Comment Date: 6/9/2012 Name: Anonymous
To the new owner’s you’ll never get the bowlers that the tramp push away, Untill you get rid of verlane and mary, Thats many bowlers opinion.

Comment Date: 5/30/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
This bowling has greatly improved due to its renevations, it has great monitors for scoring and a few more games in the arcade. The fun zone(main arcade) is still being worked on right now. This would probably have to be one of my favorite bowling alleys

Comment Date: 5/29/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
This place is great. If you bowl 2 games you get one free and it’s not too busy, so you can always get a lane.

Comment Date: 5/26/2012 Name: Anonymous
bowling4ever : I see your undies are a little tight, You have your facts and i have mine. I suggest you buy bigger size bloomers like maybe size 22 lol.

Comment Date: 5/26/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Del Rosa Lanes in the best center around. The new remodel is fantastic and so clean. Customer Service is the best ever and I love to bowl at Del Rosa Lanes.

Comment Date: 5/25/2012 Name: bowling4ever
to bowling forever dated 5-6-12. Again you moronm get your facts straight. Citrus Belt did not have anything to do with the new owners of del rosa. They have no control over who buys what center YOU —

Comment Date: 5/20/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
This is one of the cleanest center you’ll ever find. Friendly service and a upbeat atmosphere our bowling experience enjoyable.

Comment Date: 5/13/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Great bowling alley. Nice Service. Nice People. Great food. Just overall good place.

Comment Date: 5/11/2012 Name: Erin Michelle Johnson
I like this bowling center!!!!

Comment Date: 5/6/2012 Name: bowling forever
Citris belt did do somthing about it you —.

Comment Date: 5/3/2012 Name: Anonymous
you mispronounce nacole it’s pronounced nahole. according to many many bowlers,men,boxboys,nurds and to many to mention lol.

Comment Date: 5/3/2012 Name: Anonymous
I want to say congraulations to mission. But i here verlane still there. One more to go !!

Comment Date: 5/2/2012 Name: Mission Accomplish
Along with a few friends thank you and mission accomplish !!!!! We got rid of that moron nacole and may she never own another bowling center, she single handed San Bernardino’s best known center the worst reputation in the city’s histoy. And for those people who kissed nacole stinken — take a good bath.

Comment Date: 4/5/2012 Name: Erin Michelle Johnson
How much does it cost per person per game?

Comment Date: 4/4/2012 Name: Erin Michelle Johnson
Hey I’m Going Bowling Tomorrow

Comment Date: 4/3/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
I think they should have a website.

Comment Date: 4/3/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Del Rosa Lanes is a great place to bowl. It has 32 lanes though but, it is fun bowling here.

Comment Date: 4/1/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Del Rosa Lanes has new owners!

Comment Date: 3/27/2012 Name: Diane
This bowling area is awesome!!!

Comment Date: 3/25/2012 Name: Anonymous
Some body’s freaking out chilly out ladys.

Comment Date: 3/25/2012 Name: Anonymous
This center is very bad, so hooooo’s running this dump ?

Comment Date: 3/17/2012 Name: bowling4ever
like citrus belt could do anything,you moron. they have nothing to do with the owners. if you dont like it try arrowhead,its better (yeah right)

Comment Date: 3/17/2012 Name: Anonymous
rumors rumors rumors everyone thinks they know whats going on, but do they really. a different rumor starts every week and none of them seem to be true. huh,?! makes you wonder who starts all these rumors…. HATERS thats who

Comment Date: 3/15/2012 Name: Anonymous
I understand this centers going to eather change hands or close. Thanks nacole you moron How dare you call yourself a business woman, freak. tyaa

Comment Date: 3/6/2012 Name: Anonymous
Verlane must have seen this comment section because if you look at the last few comments and there’s only a few that’s because there’s that many non bowler’s bowling there.Your center’s falling apart verlane because you and your staff refuses to treat people right, you are a bad influence on all that bowling is.

Comment Date: 2/26/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
This place is the best bowling center you can find in San Bernardino County! It’s a bit expensive but it’s really worth playing there! Cosmic Bowling at San Bernardino is really cool! It’s on Fridays at 11:30pm to 2:00am for $30 an hour but on Saturdays it’s only $16 per person and you can bowl as long you want from 11:00pm to 2:00am… gotta check this place out because it’s the home of the most beautiful lanes in San Bernardino!

Comment Date: 2/25/2012 Name: Erin Michelle Johnson
I love this place, CLEAN and I always feel safe. The staff are so helpful, nice and very friendly. The new look is great.

Comment Date: 2/25/2012 Name: Anonymous
Del rosa bowl is a freaken joke verlane is a bigger joke. I will never bowl here agian, I wish citrus belt would step in. dj kolf

Comment Date: 2/21/2012 Name: Amy Elizabeth Russell
Make new friends at the bowling alley!

Comment Date: 2/17/2012 Name: Diane
I love working at Del Rosa Lanes in San Bernardino, California!

Comment Date: 2/16/2012 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
What time does Cosmic Bowling Start on Fridays?

Comment Date: 2/2/2012 Name: bowler
This center is failing because it’s out of long term bowler’s. What a shame let me repeat that WHAT A SHAME !!!!

Comment Date: 1/4/2012 Name: open ?
Is this bowling alley still open for business, I don’t see very many car’s anymore. I would like to know what’s going on ?

Comment Date: 12/20/2011 Name: Dana Pratt
This center does have a problum with staff, please tell your people to be kind to us bowlers and others who are spending money here. This will be my last time bowling at this center.

Comment Date: 12/16/2011 Name:  Joke
I don’t think anyone should (joke) about other bowling allys in the erea, we have great bowling allys here. I bowl in four other centers and i think there’s room for improvments in some, some more than others.

Comment Date: 12/7/2011 Name: Anonymous
To the new bowler, Yes there’s one more bowling ally in the city. If you can call it a bowling ally arrowhead lanes (joke).

Comment Date: 12/4/2011 Name: jim sellers
I’m new to this erea and after visiting this bowling ally last weekend, while there i heard people complanting about the ally. And after visiting this website I can see what every body was talking about. The ally does have a problum or two but the website said alot more. I feel sorry for all the bowlers who are not happy and have no other place to go. Is there other bowling allys in this city?

Comment Date: 11/30/2011 Name: Geezer Club
Fifteen year olds shouldn’t be able to convey there silly comments. Question! Did you put out (your) hard earned cash ? I don’t think so.

Comment Date: 11/30/2011 Name: Hold your horses!!!
I did not know Nacole had a fifteen year old kid ? Boy is that kid trained. If so she’s kind of old to have so young of a kid.

Comment Date: 11/30/2011 Name: Od Child
Don’t you know how to spell San Bernardino ? And what kind of language is this fifteen year old speaking ? I must be getting old because i don’t know what bb4,aww,ppl and ur means, You are from planet earth right ? poor kid.

Comment Date: 11/29/2011 Name: 15 ?
Come back when your old enough to pay your own way. People are angry about how this center has fallen apart under this air head of an owner. Ask around kid you might be surprised, signed 48 and counting

Comment Date: 11/29/2011 Name: Couldn’t say it better
I couldn’t say it any better than 48.

Comment Date: 11/27/2011 Name: Christian Lee
I’ve been bowling here my whole life. ALL EXPERIENCES WERE AMAZING! Del Rosa Lanes holds sum of my greatest memories. I grew up bowling there, well, when I lived in San Bernard. I’m 15 and I’ve been going here scince I was 3. My mom was a teacher a Cypress school and she’d take her 2nd grade classes to bowling thingies. The cosmic was off the hook! Back then tho, the rug was plain blu..not all zapid colorful like it is now. And the ceiling fans were the same but a VERY strange dark brow color (almost black). I remember the ceiling fans being my fav thing to look at. I’m obsessed with things that spin. That was around the time my “fascination” began. I, till this day, remember this one guy we’d see there who would always put me on his shoulder down walk me up and down the bowling alley so I couls see all the fans spinning in two rows down the enire place! HAHA! good ol’ times! They also had dougnuts. Their pizza has always been awesome, and still is. REALLY CHEEZY!The b-rooms could use some work, but the place itself has this old fashioned almost cheap party place look. And by old fashioned, I mean HIP! the colors are so bright ans awesome! And I love that rainbow mushroom light thingie on center of the ceiling. During cosmic bowling, it looks like a rainbow is inside it! LOL! That’s been there for as long as I can remember! And they used to blast amazing music like “All Star” by Smashmouth and EVERYBODY U KNEW WAS THERE!!! and when it was over it was that “AWW!” feeling. And on ur way out u’d be walking and talking to ppl on ur right and left cus the place was that packed! And the guy at the front dest would always make anouncements on speaker!..haha I remember it all! Del Rosa is my hero. As far a bowling allys are concerned. II would DEFINATELY RECOMMEND! however, the place is nothing like it was bb4. but I guess the thing that keeps driving us (people who have great memories there) back cuz when we go we can still sorta feel them and it’s like revisting a childhood setting. I can’t blame ppl who go there now and don’t see anything great in the place cuz they don’t have any rooted memories there…..I like it just the way it is and plan on going back as soon as possible……VERY historic place. 🙂 5 stars straight up!

Comment Date: 11/23/2011 Name: Curious george
What y’all think of the ladies who work in the snack bar?

Comment Date: 11/23/2011 Name: ?
Sounds like Curious Nacole. Getting to ya huh?

Comment Date: 11/21/2011 Name: sold
Well the johnson family’s been sold, that just leaves me and hundred’s of others. Signed not sold.

Comment Date: 11/21/2011 Name: picture
What’s wrong with this picture all these complaint’s have some bases, there’s just to many problems with this bowling alley.

Comment Date: 11/20/2011 Name: Erin Michelle Johnson’s Family & Friends
The coffee shop here was fantastic…before it closed for good. The popcorn is still good at the snack bar. And we had the best day bowling here on a Sunday afternoon. Keep up the great work!

Comment Date: 11/17/2011 Name: 45
I’ve bowled for about fourty five years now in the s.b. erea and have never seen such a mess in running a center like this one. Who ever runs or try’s to run this place need to revaluate your thinking of this bowling center. I may not be a great bowler myself, but i do like to see and be in a comfortable setting.

Comment Date: 11/16/2011 Name: Bowler here
Good one G.D. I just read your comments It’s good to here people do care for this center. I agree with what has been said. Big Pipper.

Comment Date: 11/15/2011 Name:  guy dixen
It’s about time we all work together to say what needs to be done to get this dump cleaned up, I know nacole is writing all the good stuff on this site. The remaining long time del rosa bowlers got together to change things. You need to clean up your mess nacole people here are tired of you crap. We got you to clean the rug now we would like you to just go away. gd

Comment Date: 11/12/2011 Name: patron
If i did’nt have interest in del rosa I along with others would’nt take the time to express our concerns, I was told by one of my team mates that they over heard verline say “I hope that a– h-l- of a complainer that b—hed about the dirty rug can finally rest in peace” This will be my last year here. You will know who “I” am, I’ve bowled here for twenty six straight years. You should be ashamed of your self verline if it’s true. You have been rude in the past, that’s why I believe my team mate.

Comment Date: 11/12/2011 Name: ERIN
The men’s bath room really needs to be cleaned. I’m smiling with my fingers over my nose.

Comment Date: 11/10/2011 Name: Concerned Patron
Attn clean rug. It’s nice that you have so little interest in Del Rosa Lanes or you would know that without the staff the carpet would not be cleaned.

Comment Date: 11/7/2011 Name: clean rug
It’s about time it took complaint after complaint to finally get the rug clean now let’s all work together to get the owner and staff cleaned up and out. Patron that bowls here.

Comment Date: 11/6/2011 Name: Concerned Patron!
Yay! The carpet is being cleaned…. Looks nice!

Comment Date: 11/5/2011 Name: Angry
Why dosn’t citrus belt do some thing about the inept owner who’s single handily destroyed this center. It’s so sad to see so many people have to go too other centers because the owner and staff has no understanding on how to run an establishment. The owner is a joke and an embarrassment to San Bernardino, keep it up Nicole your doing a great job of single handily making Del Rosa a token.

Comment Date: 11/2/2011 Name: Big Tommy
I wish the previous owner’s come back. It’s been terrible watching this bowling center lose it’s base, and that is the key reason the existing owner will eventually lose this once great center. I have been at this center for fifteen year’s and this isn’t the center i use to call home. BT

Comment Date: 10/30/2011 Name: locan
It is so sad to see so many people leaving this bowling alley,so many leagues have left where’s all the league going ? As one of the citrus belts high female bowlers it alarms me.I will be contacting the usbc to find out.

Comment Date: 10/30/2011 Name: unhappy person
Well nicole you’ve run all the people i enjoyed bowling with out of your center i here even poor goofy dave took a boot. In my opinion he’s beter off. This will be my last season here.

Comment Date: 10/26/2011 Name: N B T W E
I was in this bowling ally last week and it is very dirty, the staff said they are cleaning IT next week. Well see !! I’ll be watching. Signed not bowling this week end

Comment Date: 10/19/2011 Name: Will some one please clean the rug
Will some one please clean the rug. I can not tote my bowling bag with out feeling like i m going to slip. Thank you !!!

Comment Date: 10/17/2011 Name: Anonymous
When are they going to close this dump ? And yes i’M anonymous because i dont want the people who run this center to kick me out before the end of the season. To answer those who think people are scared to put there names.

Comment Date: 10/10/2011 Name: Anonymous
Its sad to see this bowing center go to pot. I bowl once a week, sadly this will be my last year here. thats if my team dosnt leave early.

Comment Date: 10/10/2011 Name: joseph de la torre
I thought that center closed, dont see any cars in the parking lot.???????????????

Comment Date: 10/10/2011 Name: Anonymous
This centers rug is so dirty you cant see the pattern on the rug any more. The owners are very unprofessional and are driving del rosa into the ground. I understand this center is close to bankruptcy, its about time!!!!!

Comment Date: 9/21/2011 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Del Rosa Lanes is a very well maintained facility! They seem to have kicked out the gangbangers and the leagues there are awesome. The coaches in the youthleagues are very helpful, the food there is exceptional, the arcade is good, and the Cosmic Bowling Rox! Tell ya Del Rosa Lanes seems to have cleaned up and also, they added the new Brunswick Vector Scoring to Kids Sample Animations and installed slim sleck new flat screen monitors which will make any bowling center more upscale!

Comment Date: 9/3/2011 Name: Erin Michelle Johnson
Make new friends at the bowling alley!

Comment Date: 4/27/2011 Name: Anonymous
Del Rosa is a nice center to bowl at.Just wish they would turn up the air when they have leagues in there. They could afford to turn up that AC. If they care about there clients then cater to there needs!

Comment Date: 8/15/2010 Name: WYZGUY
After bowling here two, going on three, I am satisfied with DLR. No place is perfect. The porters here are speedy. The lanes can be dry at times. Cosmic prices are pretty cheap. Snackbar is ok. As far as the “rude” thing goes, I’ve seen most of the idiots that need to be told how to act while bowling. If you dont maintain a hard line, they will run amok. I would rate DLR an 8 out of 10. Tiffany does an excellent job waitressing on Wednesday nights too.

Comment Date: 11/28/2009 Name: In need of value……….
The staff at Del Rosa is great.Snack bar has great food and most of the staff is great. Karen,Bernard,Jessica,and Ashley.Know how to really make us feel at home.I just want to thank them and all of the other staff that view us as a value.I Love the new up date and hope that the others in the snack bar will work on the people skills. We want service!!!!!Not your rude comments because your (boyfriends) have to wait while you service us……….Other than that you are an outstanding place to hang out….

Comment Date: 10/14/2009 Name: Hateraide Club
Funny how all you haters on DRL will not leave your name, but Nicole and Dave are running DRL just fine, they have the bowlers interest at heart and business is great, pretty sad when you have to turn away bowlers because you have no room for them! I don’t see other centers that busy. As far as being a lackey, you are sadly mistaken, I am not nor would I be anyones lackey. I spend alot of money at DRL and it is nice to know my money is going somewhere into the center to make it at better place, rather than Arrowhead where your money goes into the GM’s office. DRL Rocks!!!!! STOP ALL YOUR HATING…..

Comment Date: 10/10/2009 Name: playtime
Nicole send Dave away again for the weekend so we can have our time

Comment Date: 8/21/2009 Name: Anonymous
Staff is very rude, and Nicole is getting rid of all the good people who make the bowling alley what it is. She’s running this place to the ground. I’ve never seen such high turnover!

Comment Date: 8/15/2009 Name: Anonymous
New owner Nicole is running the establisment down. It used to be a family friendly place and good place to bowl leauges. All she cares about is making money and alienating people. Don’t waste your time and money. All the postive comments are by her or her lackeys. If you want to bowl go to Empire or Foothill.

Comment Date: 8/3/2009 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Great House-Home of the PBA Tour Stop in Southern California. Fantastic Staff.

Comment Date: 8/3/2009 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
What are open play and shoe prices?

Comment Date: 7/23/2009 Name: bowler guy 41
del rosa rules, the sticks need to be replaced but the floors are good.needs more grease on the floors. staff is kool. but i s*ckk and i need lessons to knock down more sticks. btw i hate stick number ten. it should be taken out of the rack completely and make 9 stick bowling. thank you have a nice bloody day at del rosa floors.

Comment Date: 6/11/2009 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
What time do you open and close.

Comment Date: 6/11/2009 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
Does anyone know when bowling leagues are there?

Comment Date: 6/11/2009 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
When is the Next Adult/Youth Tournament is?

Comment Date: 3/30/2009 Name: Anonymous
What a dive. Don’t waste your time or money going to this place, they can renovate all they want, it will never be a cool hangout. Cosmic nights are lame too. Some of the staff is downright rude.

Comment Date: 2/11/2009 Name: Bowling Family
My family and I bowled at Arrowhead Lanes for over 2 years and have recently moved to Del Rosa Lanes. The whole bowling experience is so much better there, the management knows how to treat bowlers and Dave and Nichole know what bowlers want. Arrowhead Lanes is horrible, the management seems like they should be managing a trailer park, they are dirty people. The staff is horrible, none of them seem to know what work is, you can not find someone to help you. The cafe is nasty! The food is overcooked, or undercooked and takes forever to get. Their League are horrible, what leagues they have. If you really want a good league experience go to Del Rosa!!! Their leagues ROCK! Del Rosa has something for everyone. Thank you Dave and Nichole for giving us a center to want to be at every night. We find ourselves wanting to go just to hang out every night. Staff very freindly, lanes are great, nothing bad about Del Rosa. Oh and Bernard in the cafe ROCKS, so does James and Toni at the desk. Great way to spend you evenings or days.

Comment Date: 2/7/2009 Name: RH
del rosa lanes #1 in s.b. heads above arrowhead lanes empire lanes and foothill lanes. scoring is great, food good and clean with a great staff. now oil more in med 10 to 10 for us handicapers. love you guys, keep up the great work and i will bowl for every.

Comment Date: 12/15/2008 Name: JASPER
still going to del rosa. still no complaints. new scoring system is great. wish i could find something to complain about, so i could join the cry babies club. but can’t find anything to kick about

Comment Date: 9/14/2008 Name: Bob Layton @IEPL
attn: Nicole I missed you in the pool league why did you stop shooting I get tried of beating all these ulgy guys please start again. Bob Post 777

Comment Date: 8/5/2008 Name: your mamma
del rosa s*cks!

Comment Date: 7/23/2008 Name: dianna
Del rosa lanes is a great place to go. Great food, prices, and staff… I love bowling on wendnesday for cosmic and love working here… Thanks to nicole and dave.

Comment Date: 7/22/2008 Name: Del Rosa Lanes
I still go to DRL all the time. Sometimes Arrowhead and Empire. I find the pricing ok for seniors and league bowlers. Our Del Rosa Bowl are to 32 new Computerized Scoring Lanes,
Automatic Training Rails and
new bowling rates and Cosmic Bowling opens in
year 2009

Comment Date: 6/29/2008 Name: Richard and Jennifer
I still go to DRL all the time. Sometimes Arrowhead and Empire. I find the pricing ok for seniors and league bowlers. The cost is $2.50 per game for seniors and league bowlers. I guess
if you don’t go there often or are not a senior
or league bowler, you wouldn’t know there prices. I have no problems with anything at DRL
and the new scratch leagues are great too. Try it, you’ll like it!!!

Comment Date: 6/28/2008 Name: I SEE ALL
I go and watch the Vegas league bowl on Wednesday nights and I find a particular women rather disturbing. This last Wednesday she caused some problems with a nice group of guys that their team played that night. She needs to grow up and understand its just a game. I hope she reads this so she can understand how dumb she looks. Hopefully i wont see “Miss Piggy” in any future leagues.

Comment Date: 5/17/2008 Name: JASPER
I still go to DRL all the time. Sometimes Arrowhead and Empire. I find the pricing ok for seniors and league bowlers. The cost is $2.50 per game for seniors and leagues bowlers. I guess if you don’t go there often or are not a senior or league bowler, you wouldn’t know there prices. I have no problems with anything at DRL and the new scratch leagues are great too. Try it, you’ll like it !!!

Comment Date: 5/1/2008 Name: Team Somethin’ Bitchin’
I’ve been bowling at “DRL” since I was very young. Over the last 4 years I’ve been participating in the Vegas leagues they offer. I’ve noticed that the staff is generally friendly but seems rather annoyed by default when they deal with younger customers. The Wednesday Vegas league is incredibly fun and more younger bowlers (teens, 20s, etc) should really give it a try. Kudos to Sean in the lounge he’s a phenomenal bartender and really makes Wednesday nights at DRL a blast.

Comment Date: 4/17/2008 Name: love2bowl
Snack bar is nasty and the people there are rude. Will never go back.

Comment Date: 4/6/2008 Name: nogame
First time there today couldn’t believe the
prices $4.50 a game and no specials listed
for seniors.

Comment Date: 1/25/2008 Name: bowler
i think del rosa lanes is way better than arrow head lanes.who ever said arrowhead lanes is busy lied. del rosa lanes is the place to be . it has good food, the employes are nice, and the new owners dave and nicole are very nice to each of their guests who bowl there

Comment Date: 12/10/2007 Name: JJ
Although the conditions are hard to adjust to; especially for righty’s. The alley is the BOMB Diggity. I love the management there. And i’m sure I speak for everyone from the Ville. When I say take a note Peggy; You need to learn from some real good respectable owners and managers from this fine establishment. This Bowling establishment is Head and Shoulders above any Bowling Alley within a 50 mile radius, especially VICTOR BOWL. WTG NICOLE AND DAVE.

Comment Date: 12/8/2007 Name: Regular Bowler
I think James is the best worker in the whole bowling center. Keep him around because he will take you lots of places. I think he is really hot too. I love you James!!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 11/22/2007 Name: bowler
I thought this place may improve with new ownership. It is worse!! Get real management. I will never go back and will consider Arrowhead my new home.

Comment Date: 11/15/2007 Name: Anonymous
I was hoping once ownership changed the prices would come down some. although i only live a few blocks from your establishment, i will continue to drive to fontana were the prices are much more reasonable. I advise you check your local competitors regular specials to better compete for business.

Comment Date: 9/11/2007 Name: bowler
no arrowhead s$cks go to del rosa lanes

Comment Date: 8/17/2007 Name: bowler
i bowl all the time at del rosa lanes and the people there are freindly and the staff is always ready to help you. i recomend this bowling ally to the whole inland impire

Comment Date: 8/6/2007 Name: JADEN
Del Rosa s*cks!!!! Go to Arrowhead Lanes!! There’s better customer service and a cleaner atmosphere!

Comment Date: 2/27/2007 Name: JASPER
Was there a couple of days ago. Everything was fine. It looked clean to me, but I didn’t look behind the vending machines. Prices were fine and the staff seemed to be polite and happy. I liked it. If you don’t… go to Arrowhead Lanes. Please.

Comment Date: 1/19/2007 Name: gloria
I love it at del rosa lanes!!
Its alot of FUN!

Comment Date: 1/1/2007 Name: sabrina
i usually go on wednesday nights for cosmic bowling and it’s pretty good! the price is right n the music is pretty decent!! had some trouble with the ball getting stuck quite a few times, but overall a great experience!

Comment Date: 11/27/2006 Name: JASPER
I have no problems with this place at all. If you don’t like it…………. don’t go there anymore. Remember, the staff has to put up with you too…. and that is not always pleasant. Folks who complain here, probably complain everywhere !!

Comment Date: 11/8/2006 Name: Carissa Richards
i am looking forword to bowling there this week for jst tourment

Comment Date: 10/8/2006 Name: C.L.
I have been going there for a year now. I never had any problems until one day. Me and the people on my team didnt know what to do one day and the pins messed up on us. We called staff and one staff member was extremely rude! She told us that we shouldnt be messing around and that we were stupid for what we did [[yelling]]
After that I didnt want to bowl anymore. Im going to but i hope that person has been fired. Other than that, Great food, clean, and overalla nice place for a family outing =)

Comment Date: 9/4/2006 Name: Steph
Staff isn’t rude, whatever. I’ve been going to Del Rosa Lanes all og my life, not the CLEANEST but it’s decent. The music s*cks on cosmic nights (play some 80’s!), Ben is cute, as are others, and it’s reasonably priced. I’m the most comfortable there… Work on cleaning and keeping the snack bar open later!!!

Comment Date: 8/30/2006 Name: I Bowl There
I think it is a great place to bowl, however Jeff at the front desk needs to smile more. He really looks pissed off all the time.

Comment Date: 8/12/2006 Name: MC
I have never had the staff be rude in the 12 years that i have bowled there. There prices are pretty much the same as most updated alleys. Arrowhead is stuck in the 70’s and they still have wood lanes, come on! It’s the house of choice for the San Bernardino area

Comment Date: 7/9/2006 Name: KP
Went this morning for breakfast & bowl! A fun experience. The workers were not rude at all. Not very personable but not rude. Dont let those comments keep you away! We had a great time!

Comment Date: 7/2/2006 Name: unhappy customer
This is in response to Tom: You must work there to put a comment like that, It is dirty in there and the staff (Verline) is extremely rude. Redlands, amd Arrowhead both have far better service, they may not be cheaper but you feel safer and are treated with respect.

Comment Date: 6/26/2006 Name: Tom Doughtry
I love it at Del Rosa lanes. Of all the centers in the Inland Empire I’d have to say that Del Rosa has the best prices, the best looking center, and the nicest employees. I wouldn’t choose any other bowling center over this one.

Comment Date: 6/5/2006 Name: Amy
I would never go back to this bowling alley again. I cannot believe how much disrespect I recieved from the assistant manager. If you could please let me know the the head manager’s name I would like to write a formal letter to the manager himself and inform him of how rude the employees are, If employees learned how to respect others, it might attract as much business as Arrowhead Lanes. Thats where I am going to continue going and I am encouraging everyone I know to go there instead of Del Rosa.

Comment Date: 4/30/2006 Name: Sandy McB
There is this super hot guy that works at the front desk named Ben. He is the hottest guy i’ve ever seen. I wish he would call me. hopefully he reads this {Phone number deleted – Message from moderator – This message board is not a dating service, if you want to get to know Ben, muster up the courage and talk to him.}

Comment Date: 4/29/2006 Name: Me
I think your prices are toooo high!

Comment Date: 3/23/2006 Name: george
i always enjoy bowling here however, the staff is very rude and are NEVER happy

Comment Date: 1/13/2006 Name: Regular Guy
I’ve enjoyed every outting to Del Rosa Lanes.

Comment Date: 11/27/2004 Name: Old Bar Patron
You should consider getting back Serena for your karaoke in the bar! I know that you don’t have it any more but she sure was great and she brought in a lot of people each week! Should REALLY consider it! All the other karaoke places aroung you s*ck! You had it going when you had it there!

Comment Date: 8/25/2004 Name: KATRINA
Staff is very rude!

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