Mesa East Bowl

Mesa East Bowl

  Name: Mesa East Bowl  
  Address: 9260 E Broadway  
  City: Mesa  
  State: AZ  
  Zip: 85208  
  Phone: (480) 984-1158  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
How Does Mesa East Bowl Rate?
Votes:    81
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2
Food: Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9
Price: Actual Value is 3Actual Value is 3Actual Value is 3
Fun: Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3
Overall: Actual Value is 3.1Actual Value is 3.1Actual Value is 3.1Actual Value is 3.1
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Mesa East Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 1/19/2012 Name: Bowling in mesa
Started to bowl there again. No smokeing is what brought me back. The place is looking better.The old hag at the front desk “manager” is now gone.
They need to put some money into the bathrooms. I seen better bathrooms at the homeless shelter.
Smells like the is piss soaked into the floor.

Comment Date: 4/15/2011 Name: 39 Boards
Been going to MEB weekly for a while now and have always enjoyed the experience. No problems with the staff, food, service or decor. I will continue to bowl there.

Comment Date: 9/28/2010 Name: Used be a bowler
You can talk up this center all want. But it is still in need of upgrades and customer service.
The employees are just so rude their and don’t seem to change it. So as for bowling their the reason why customer come it because their isn’t anything closer.
This place need to makes big changes for me to come back. Like get a real manager who knows what they are doing.

Comment Date: 8/24/2010 Name: Disgusted
You have not updated comments for 4 months now on MEB, why ?? Do you feel compelled to post comments about “tweakers” and criminals??? Do you even know what it means!! Is it also your opinion that a posted comment refering to nothing other than “Hot Women”, is responsible use of your freedom of speech ??? Can be no less than marketing at it dirtiest, or just plain idiocy.
How could these have been “approved for appropriateness” ????? And by an actual human, your kidding, right.
I sent a legitamit comment a month ago, yet no sign of it, I must have used correct grammar, more than one syllable, and more than one sentenance.
Print these comments if you want attention, not bile. **Note** Seems like you are the one looking for attention, so, here ya go! P.S. Also, you have made several spelling mistakes…just saying…B2U Staff**

Comment Date: 8/5/2010 Name: A Particular Bowler
I have been bowling some 40 years now, and have seen it all. While I would be first in line to complain about anything from getting 11 wings instead of 12, to the quality of toilet paper, I will also be first in line to acknowledge positive change, and a bona-fide commitment to improve. Those who are quick to complain, should then know, in the last two years MEB has hired the top mechanic in the valley to correct, maintain, and strive for equipment excellence. They have put in a state of the art scoring system, along with flat panel display monitors and TV’s. A new coat of paint has been applied to virtually everything inside and out. Additionally, just in the last two months MEB purchased and installed pneumatic on-demand “bumper’s” on ALL lanes for the kiddies. They have put in new decorative tile, increased the amount of A/C capacity, and completely resurfaced the parking lot. New rental bowling shoes are being phased in continuously, and shortly, the new array of bowling balls will be available for those who do not have their own. Also, addressing a earlier comment about some “seedy” clientele, MEB has installed, and successfully utilized their new surveillance camera network for all of our safety, and piece of mind. This only scratches the surface of all they have done, let alone what they still have planned, moving forward. I give the ownership of MEB five stars, applause, or at a minimum a Thank You, for doing the right thing for us, the bowler, and our families.
They have invested in excess of $750,000 into the center amidst the economic downturn we have all felt, and experienced. I agree it was time for the improvements and changes for sure, without compromising quality, all the while maintaining the lowest bowling rates overall in all the valley.
I agree there is still work to be done, and there are still some deficient areas requiring change. But, I challenge anyone to get as a sincere reaction, and any results from the “corporate” centers, and their people, period. At MEB, you have access to ownership, and everyone’s voice is heard, loudly, clearly, and sincerely. The customer is not merely a number, we are a “shareholder”, every effort made is for our enjoyment, fun, and pleasure. I believe it, I see it, I experience it. Maybe some of us should at least open an ear and listen to what they are saying, and see what they are doing, before we pass judgement so quickly.
In closing, I will add two things. One, the effort to keep a 32 lane establishment running without a hitch is one huge task. Not to mention those who somehow think it is comical to abuse the equipment, and the facility. Secondly, the “older lady” with the attitude, is no longer employed by MEB. In fact, there has been several changes in management in the past year, and I will say for the positive. Just for the record, I too had a significant disagreement with the “older lady” previously, voiced my opinion and displeasure to ownership, and was heard. People can change and improve with guidance and quality leadership, let’s give those a chance to grow.
Finally, there is still work to be done, probably always will be things which need attention, but our feedback, our voice, will help resolve those situations quickly. And, if you are pleased with the changes, or if you are impressed by an employee exhibiting service excellence, tell management, tell the individual, tell your friends. Were else can you get as big of a “Bang for your Buck” as a $2 game of bowling.
Good for them, good for Mesa East Bowl, good for us.

Comment Date: 8/3/2010 Name: Linda
I have been bowling at Mesa East since 1995 and I still like bowling there. The past few years they have upgraded the place with new tile and paint and my ball still rolls there better than at the AMF lanes at Southern and Gilbert. I average in the mid 170’s at Mesa East versus averaging in the 160’s at AMF on Southern and Gilbert. I agree that sometimes you can’t find anyone behind the counter during the summer, but it is far worse at AMF on Southern.This is still my favorite place to bowl.

Comment Date: 4/25/2010 Name: Used to be a bowler
I have bowler regular on a league here during the day. The front desk older lady acts like you are brothering her when you need a lane or ask a question. Customer service is really bad their and you can’t even get service in the snack bar. Busy or slow. The general manager and the owner really need to look at staff. Because they are poor with customer service. If the law says you can no longer smoke in a building then why do I smell smoke while bowling. It is a law you know.
When are you going to replace the carpet it looks old. I really wish they would build a center around where Mesa East bowl is located because it would sure put them out of business or make the owner think of how the treat there customers, because all the owners and the their so called general manager think about is getting that last mighty dollar. What a joke.

Comment Date: 4/7/2010 Name: Alan
Very rude older lady during the day always rude been going there a while her attitude has not changed, dont eat there food it is terrible and understaffed and god forbid if you want a soda or a beer there’s never anyone around to help you but as the others say it the closest one to my house what can you do I still go there

Comment Date: 3/26/2009 Name: Anonymous
The staff was helpful as they hosted children from a local elementary school. Bumper lanes and light balls were set out for our youngest students. Thanks, Mesa East Bowl!

Comment Date: 1/24/2009 Name: crywulf teh lane pwner
well it isnt the greatest place to bowl but the food is okay and the lanes and everything are nice and shiny… on the other hand it smells like smoke and could use a clean up once a month at least… But its the only one close to my house so…

Comment Date: 9/13/2008 Name: no longer a bowler
This center is dirty. There sign says they have a pro shop and they don’t. It cost to much to bowl. The food isn’t that great. and some of the staff are so rude. The owners really need to clean up this place. I will never bowl there again.

Comment Date: 8/5/2008 Name: Adult Bowler
This is the only bowling establishment for East Mesa and Apache Junction. It’s an alright place-could use new carpet. We bowl in a league there as do many other adults. We don’t do drugs and we are not criminals-we and many other people just like to bowl! So we take advantage of the opportunity to bowl there.

Comment Date: 6/5/2008 Name: az native
i grew up in that area.and its still a dumo and always going to be a dump.always full of drugs and weirdos…not a place i would recomend for kids or family…it was a dump 20 years ago and it still is…cant see how they are still open..underneath the bridge to walk in to the place is where more of the trouble is…..lets get this closed down….that area and that place is nasty…..

Comment Date: 4/27/2008 Name: Anonymous
So, this place has some really nice lanes, staff and food. I’ve been going there for a while too and haven’t really had a bad experience. They even updated some of the stuff recently.

Comment Date: 3/18/2008 Name: Tweaker Tim
Hey I live right by there and yes there are alot of us tweakers there.The manager sells the stuff and we go there tp reup and bowl.Sometimes we tweak so much we are up all night long he bowls with us

Comment Date: 8/29/2007 Name: is going there this sunday
how much is the cost?

Comment Date: 7/29/2007 Name: Jeremy
This place is the BOMB. Lanes are sick. Has video games. Food is awesome. Smoking is awesome. SMOKE IT UP

Comment Date: 5/27/2007 Name: Annoyed
Mesa East is a friendly nice place to hang out rather your on a league or to just to have fun. They have AWESOME food and the staff is friendly. I don’t smoke, but I’m sick of the complainers who don’t like the smoking. You don’t want to be around smokers…go somewhere else. They have the freedom as much as non smokers. There are places smokers can’t go into so don’t go near smokers and complain! To many cry babies in this world, why don’t we complain about what matters in our country, what about our soldiers who are fighting for our country and love ones not coming back home, but we choose to complain about second hand smoke….come on ppl!

Comment Date: 5/24/2007 Name: amyr
yeah, i was followed home one night after bowling on a league, and someone stole the bowling balls right out of the trunk of my car, while i was at a friends house. they were top of the line balls, and i will never go back there again because of it. the employes are rude and sneaky and you can’t trust most people that go there. sorry, but im not going to lie about it so someone else can get their bowling balls stolen a week before a tournament.

Comment Date: 5/8/2007 Name: happy customer!
I went to this bowling alley for the first time today, and i must say i was very impressed, i am one of thoes parents who take their kids everywhere and this is the first bowling alley i found in a long time with a baby changing station in it…thank you so much for thinking about us parents!

Comment Date: 4/14/2007 Name: girl
second hand smoke can hurt the innocent like the person whom is smoking. It is like the one whom is not smoking, is smoking, smelling and inhaling the smoke. That is not good and I am glad that smoking is now banned from the bowling alleys. I do know we all wish to live long…… and not have our life shortened by someone smoking right?

Comment Date: 2/27/2007 Name: shut up
ok ppl stop complaing about the smoke its retarted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ok????? OK!!! i love the place ive been going ther forever…and if u have a problem with it then dont go there cuz that just means more space for me!!! YAY!!!

Comment Date: 1/6/2007 Name: perky
this is for fungi {deleted} if you got a problem where it is located then go cuz any where you go there are bound to be tweakers get over yourself!!! and if that doesnt work build your own damn place and kick th tweakers out k? Mesa bowl isfineandpeople need to stop complaning bout the smokers thats like all the bussiness there.

Comment Date: 1/6/2007 Name: missyj
it is perfectandthe food is great

Comment Date: 12/31/2006 Name: Shannon
Stop whinning about the smoking !
The smokers have rights to.
I love bowling there and the fact that I can smoke and have fun is a BONUS to Mesa Bowl….Keep it the way it is..I am on a league there and about 98% of the League players smoke…Thats alot of business to lose because of whinners.

Comment Date: 11/7/2006 Name: Joy
If it wasn’t for the smoking and the horrible smell in the place (it about knocks you out as soon as the doors open up!), I would bowl there at least 3 times a week. My whole family bowls and my mom loves to bowl, but with slight emphasyma she can’t handle all that smoke. Do they realize how stinky and filthy the place is? They need a serious remodeling job on the entire place. I would be willing to pay a little bit more to bowl and would come more often if it was a decent place. Most of the employees are decent, but I just wish they would be harder on those that are bowling and are making everyone around them miserable, especially those that are breaking the rules. Strangely enough the food is really good though!! Mesa East Bowl would most definitely get a whole lot more business if they would clean it up!! Why don’t they?????

Comment Date: 10/29/2006 Name: Bell
Too Much Smoke!!!!!!!!! It takes the fun out of bowling for the children

Comment Date: 9/12/2006 Name: Fungi
Dude their is mad tweakers there! The problem is all them dam tweakers! Well look where its located! that might be it!

Comment Date: 8/14/2006 Name: No longer bowling there…
Lanes are good. All of the staff is good there, and the equipment is good as any place I�ve ever been… if not better. The food is GREAT! DO NOT CHANGE THAT!!! I’ll come just for the food! haha!
A large majority of the bowlers were great fun. The smoke from smokers is a problem. Venting system needs help. Fans hanging from the ceiling blow it around but it does NOT solve the problem. My biggest beef is one team on the league was using large PORN/NUDITY playing cards as apart of the game. That should team should be kicked out. They were told about it but no one did anything about it. There were even young kids around. KICK THEM OUT! Sorry� leave the porn at home. Most all are adults there, but we�re not coming to a bowling alley to see that crap. You have no choice when it comes to putting up with that when you play near them or with them. The oldest on the team was a woman was about 50 to 60 yrs old and she was right in there with them playing it. How disgusting can people get? NO CLASS at all. Mesa East Bowling is suppose to be for ALL of the family.

Comment Date: 7/27/2006 Name: Asher
I love this alley, its one of the only ones that is still reasonably priced and the people that go here are fantastic. Everyone is very nice and helpfull as well as the service.

Comment Date: 7/14/2006 Name: katie
too much smoke

Comment Date: 4/30/2006 Name: ale
do you have a arcade

Comment Date: 3/17/2006 Name: bowler
Nice place but the smoking is terrible. Would go more often if it was not as smokey.

Comment Date: 8/24/2005 Name: meee
My friends and I always go here and have a butt load of fun!! And you can pick up hot guys too!! lol.. um ya that’s it lol oh ya they have some kick a** french fries!!! ((the only bad thing is the smell, but I got used to it)) : D

Comment Date: 6/27/2004 Name: Anonymous
I have been bowling at Mesa East Bowl for almost 12 years. I was on a league, Wednesday nights for about 5 of those years. I enjoy the small, friendly atmosphere. My children now go bowling there, as often they can. The snack bar and bar are very accomodating. I hope it continues to give good service!!

Comment Date: 5/15/2004 Name: Mesa Bowler
The place is PACKED with HOT women, I recommend it highly. The lanes are OK too. BUT THE WOMEN ARE HOT!!!!

Comment Date: 2/26/2004 Name: Anonymous
This isn’t a fancy or even new bowling alley. It’s strictly old school. The language is rough and the women are rougher. Everyone seems to enjoy smoking, so I wouldn’t recommend this for a family with small children or non-smokers.

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