AMF Union Hills Lanes

AMF Union Hills Lanes

  Name: AMF Union Hills Lanes  
  Address: 3424 W Union Hills Drive  
  City: Phoenix  
  State: AZ  
  Zip: 85027  
  Phone: (623) 581-1595  
  Lanes: 32  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Restaurant  
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Votes:    53
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1
Food: Actual Value is 1.9Actual Value is 1.9
Price: Actual Value is 1.8Actual Value is 1.8
Fun: Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1
Overall: Actual Value is 1.9Actual Value is 1.9
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AMF Union Hills Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 10/10/2010 Name: michelle jones
The manager in this location is the worst i’ved seen in this bowling alley he seems like he doesn’t care about the staff and clients i did not get a good bribe and seems he doest care to do his job, the nice workers i enjoyed to serve me seem to work less because i dont see them that much. If i were you i’d fired him and get someone that really cares about this bowling alley.

Comment Date: 6/12/2010 Name: Anonymous
how much is it to go bowling per person?

Comment Date: 11/1/2008 Name: lilbombmamma aka sha nay nay
i used to love this place….actually still do….i do miss Ira and the atmosphere he brought …..and GAry as well……now its lame ….i get a bad vibe when i walk in…i wish they would have recognized there great employees and kept some of the great atmosphere but to hell with that place

Comment Date: 5/29/2008 Name: Not Happy
i can not believe how down hill this place has gone since Ira left. i hope they get someone back in there who knows what they are doing and gives a crap enough to turn the place around for the better again

Comment Date: 5/1/2008 Name: concerned bowler
things sure have changed alot already since Ira left. the assistant manager or new manager whichever he is has changed things so far for the worse. ive noticed alot of the nicer better employees havent been there as often as they used to why is this? i may decide to take my bowling else where because the atmosphere in this center is no longer as friendly and caring as it was when Ira was there.

Comment Date: 4/22/2008 Name: meesh
I’ve heard Ira is leaving this center. Dont know when this will happen, but its not going to be the same. He made a huge difference in the place since he has started working there. I dont know why he is leaving but when he does, it will make a huge influence on my decision to come back & bowl at this center anymore. Ira, PLEASE dont go!!! This center needs you!

Comment Date: 3/28/2008 Name: Lilbombmamma
i love this place !!!!
it is always fun people and staff are extremely awesome and i enjoy my self when i’m there

Comment Date: 3/13/2008 Name: bowler
bring mike back!!!!!

Comment Date: 7/16/2007 Name: Anonymous
lanes=to oily
went here 2 times didnt like the lanes
i’d give 3 stars

Comment Date: 5/30/2007 Name: Sue Johanson
Hey, what happened to the good-looking manager? They finally get somebody good, then they gone!

Comment Date: 1/25/2007 Name: Uncle Cookie
you have no idea how much I LOVE this place! Best in the Phoenix area!

Comment Date: 5/8/2006 Name: diane
start a league that offers non-smoking once a week in the evening after 7

Comment Date: 3/5/2006 Name: Andrea Berry
The center needs to make their youth leagues completely non-smoking. They need to make some effort to clean up the air with an ionizer or some sort of air cleaner. We are currently in a “Adult/Youth” Cartoon Nework Team and there are smokers everywhere. People who smoke should be made to go outside or into the bar. There needs to be a clean air supply to those of us who have breathing conditions that want to bowl.

Comment Date: 3/5/2006 Name: Andy
It should definitely be non-smoking. I have to make sure I don’t need to go anywhere else after
I bowl because I stink so bad from second hand smoke that I need to go right home and shower. I don’t plan to be on a league here much longer.

Comment Date: 2/7/2006 Name: Susan Wyatt
I think the bowling alley should be non smoking or else have enough air supply for the people that don’t smoke can breathe. Thank you.

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