Midland Bowl

Midland Bowl

  Name: Midland Bowl  
  Address: 2600 North 32nd Street  
  City: Fort Smith  
  State: AR  
  Zip: 72904  
  Phone: (501) 785-2551  
  Hours: 9:00 am to midnight or later if busy  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Votes:    23
Lanes: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
Food: Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8
Price: Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4
Fun: Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9
Overall: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
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Midland Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 3/4/2011 Name: Anonymous
I hope midland is ready for the upcoming city tournament…bowled there recently and the approaches had boards sticking up and this needs to be addressed………

Comment Date: 5/17/2010 Name: a bowler
Midland staff is lacking, the bowlers hate the bowlers from BW, if that would ever be resolved you would have 2 great houses to bowl in…

Comment Date: 11/16/2008 Name: asdf
The only thing think was a problem is that there food service is really slow and there rubber eggs.

Comment Date: 7/28/2008 Name: bowler8
just a quick question Has anyone ever heard of or bowled in a bowling center called Park Lanes? It was just inside the town of Fort Smith AR.Timeline around late 70s {78to79}or if it’s still there give me a shout out either way.Thanks.It would mean the world to me as it was a pice of history of my time in that part of the country;{also getting to see JUdge Parker’s Museum}that was really cool,a once in a lifetime opportunity.You should go see it if you get the chance.

Comment Date: 7/14/2008 Name: anonymous
i have been bowling there for 15 years but now i am haveing probulm with the staff,and owner,but now that gary has a new manager,maybe things can get back to the way it used to be very nice place to bowl.

Comment Date: 5/12/2008 Name: Jason
I just moved to the Fort smith area a year ago. My wife begged me to get back ino bowling and I did what she asked. I found Midland bowl and glad I did. The first time I walked in the door I was treated as family. Gary and his staff are great people to be around. They make bowling there fun and keep he lanes in top shape. I plan on bowling there for as long as I can. I wouldn’t consider going to Bowling World after how gary has treated me and my family. Thanks Gary and keep up all the great work.

Comment Date: 12/3/2007 Name: bob
Midland bowl has done a 100% turn-a-round, I bowl at bot houses in Fort Smith. I like them both. The one thing that Midland Bowl does that Bowling World lacks in is tournament play. Midland Bowl has the Hanging Judge tournament once a month that is going every month and bringing in very good bowlers. Bowling World lacks in this department, The lane conditions are 100% more consitant also, At bowling world you can never count on what shot you will have to play to score. Lanes very dry one week and loaded the net week

Comment Date: 7/3/2006 Name: chickedee
I have bowled at midland a long time,and each day
it gets better and better.I bowl in the Saturday
fall league.If you want your kids to learn the game or get them out of the house its the place.
My parents have bowled in the Sunday league and its great.The point is that when you frist go to the alley the people want to get to know you and if you ever come back they will remember you because to them the treat anybody they meet like family. I will say the people that own the bowling alley now have made lots of changes(good changes).I still bowl there today.I would also like to thank most of the good to Gary Bullington.If you ever do a league there he will help you on things you have Q`s about.Not to long I got a new ball,Gary will help you on what you need to learn about your newe ball,and when you do that you get a free game to learn.That is all I have to say about Midland bowl.Go there and have a blast.
teenbowler of Midland bowl.

Comment Date: 4/1/2006 Name: Fort Smith Resident
I have recently been to Midland Bowl. They have changed owners and the place is 100% better. They are doing alot of upgrades! The resturaunt is the best place to get burgers, the pro shop is awsome and the cosmic bowling is a blast.I have not been yet that it hasn’t been packed. I would say that speaks for itself. This bowling alley is a great place to take the family and friends.

Comment Date: 12/28/2005 Name: Anonymous
I do like the place, but they do have a problem with keeping the place up to standard. It does needs some cosmetic. To start with a good cleaning wouldn’t hurt. The bathrooms are pretty nasty and that runs off business. There are areas that are in need of repair. You know what they are because they can be seen from any direction when you stand in the middle of the building. There are other things that would take some money. As you know it takes money to make money.

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