Rose Bowl Lanes

Rose Bowl Lanes

  Name: Rose Bowl Lanes  
  Address: 2905 Highway 290 West  
  City: Brenham  
  State: TX  
  Zip: 77833  
  Phone: (979) 836-7640  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Votes:    24
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Food: Actual Value is 3Actual Value is 3Actual Value is 3
Price: Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6
Fun: Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7
Overall: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
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Comment Date: 3/22/2012 Name: CHUCK
i’m not realy understanding what a lot of the people on here are complaining about as far as price.. i understand it may have coast $100 for this lady to bring her family bowling but come on!!!! you brought 13 people!!! try to take that many people anywhere else and do anything for less than that. the other lady that spent $68.58. you and your husband bowled 5 games each and bought a couple beers… it adds up.. further more. the $100 lady with the 7 kids. i beleave i was there that day. i was also getting a little upset with the mis behaved kids and the parents that do not know how to controle them… on top of that, i did hear the guy tell the kids numerous times to stop running. i also heard him tell the kid to not role the ball down the lain untill he got it fixed. but i never heard him yell at the kids. he did have to rais his voice a little due to the amount of noise that ya’ll were making. i bring my kids up here all the time and have never had a problem. we are having there birthday party here. my daughters will be turning 9 and 11 in june.

Comment Date: 3/15/2012 Name: Jacob
I live in Brenham, and I go atleast twice a month. My friends and I always have a fun time. The workers are always nice and the food is good. It would only cost you $15 for 3 games. The balls are in good condition and so are the pool tables. The only con about this place is that smoking is allowed.

Comment Date: 3/12/2012 Name: Brenham Bowler
My husband and I just went this past weekend on a Sunday afternoon. We played 3 games each, plus shoes, and I needed socks (which were adorable little white socks with bowling ball/pins on the top!). It cost alittle over $32 for all of that. No food/drinks. The music was good for our age (20’s). There were plenty of families there (as well as some drinkers). But Sunday is no smoking day(!!). The lanes were pretty good, balls in decent shape, really worn out shoes but not bad. The front desk guy was helpful/nice. The guy behind the bar seemed friendly. All in all, it wasn’t a bad experience, we plan on going again soon! The price is decent (not the best, but not the worst). I don’t know if I’d take a family here, but it’s not too bad for childless people 🙂

Comment Date: 6/26/2011 Name: someone who will not go
I was considering taking my kids today. After seeing the negative comments about children I will pass. Wow I would never have anyone work for me who would ever yell at a customer especially a child. That is outrageous.

Comment Date: 6/1/2011 Name: Anonymous
We were down visiting from Louisiana for the weekend, and decided to take all the kids to do a family function. We figured bowling would be family oriented. From the time we walked into Rosebowl Lanes in Brenham Texas, we realized this was NOT a family oriented place. We took 6 adults and 7 kids. I wont mention for 1 game for the kids and 1 game for us adults it cost us right at $100!! This does not include the money we spent there on drinks and video games. Anyways, from the time we walked in they were RUDE!! They automatically started saying we couldnt bowl due to the fact we had no sock, so we all pulled our socks out of our purses. Think it would stop there, it did not!! The balls got stuck, so we asked the gentleman to please retrieve the balls, he comes over and screams at a 6 yr old “DO NOT ROLL ANYMORE BALLS”. I bit my tongue and said maybe he is angry due to he has to go to work. Well, when you have kids ages 5 to 10, one of them is bound to not throw the ball correctly. No harm intended, right? The guy runs out there and starts screaming at the kids, not us adults. So we all decided it was time to leave cause these are some rude guys. Well, while getting ready to leave, one of the kids decides they are in a hurry to go and starts to run, the guy again starts screaming at a 6 yr old child. I am fed up by this time, so i approx him and try to talk to him. I said I understand you may not have kids, may not be able to stand them, but you never scream at kids, you talk to the adult. The guy informs me kids have no right being there. So, I try to talk to a lady at the other counter, she is very nice. Explains they have this problem with this guy all the time. She apologizes, but this guy stared us down and the kids down as if he was ready to blow. All in all, we spent approx. $150 at this place in less than 2 hrs and they treated us like dirt!! This is not a family oriented place, and I will NEVER take any kids here again, and I would NOT recommend anyone else to do so either!! If I could give this place less than 0 stars I would!! Hope ya’ll never have this exsperiece!!

Comment Date: 8/18/2010 Name: Lindsey
I went up there with three of my friends and we paid for three games. The computer said it was my turn and the pins were up so I bowled. The rack thing came down and my ball hit it. I laughed really hard and so did my friends. The guy from the front counter walks over and makes a smart remark about how it is only funny to us because we don’t own it. It was pretty funny but I didn’t hit the rack on purpose and what he did was very rude and unneccisary. It ruined my night.

Comment Date: 7/25/2010 Name: Anonymous
I don’t know what exactly you paid for Richard but six games is not 81 dollars…

Comment Date: 7/17/2010 Name: Richard
Was fun till a certain member that works here started be rude to us. When I. Come here the dude at the front counter makes me feel un wanted in this establishment. For 6 games is around 81 dollars an that’s 4 games with 2 free one. People do things on accidents don’t be mean.

Comment Date: 11/8/2009 Name: Brenhammite
Great Fun Overall!!
1.We went on a Saturday night and there was no food service!? Seriously? On a Saturday night?
2.$68.85 which included 10 games (5 games each for 2 people),shoe rental, and 2 beers. I had sticker shock!
1.Computerized scoring system with the cute little cartoon bowling pin characters-even I could operate it!
2.Very clean establishment-even the bathrooms!
3.The staff were very helpful and nice-the owner even thought we were good enough to compete for a little money competition that they have every Sunday night! A real confidence booster for me!!
4.The lanes and balls are in great shape, very well kept and did not break down once.

Comment Date: 9/5/2008 Name: Anonymous
The center has done a lot fixing the place up with new tables, chair, lanes, pins and carpeting. The gentlemen who work at the center are nice and do their best for the customer despite their working conditions which I understand are far, far from good.
My main problem with the center is the bad language, “non-family,” type music and the absentee owner. The employees are limited in what their boss allows them to do and the areas they can access. Often this does cause trouble for the customer.
The center is billed as “a family fun center,” but I think they don’t do enough to encourage families to go there.
If the owner were more customer-oriented, he’d spend more time taking care of business; making sure he has enough employees to serve customer needs. This center goes through employees like candy! Wake up, Mr. Sims, take better care of your employees, customer and your center.

Comment Date: 3/16/2007 Name: Brenham Citizen
Lanes are now better than they used to be. Food is great! Business charges for you to use your card(debit or credit.) That isn’t very customer service friendly. The employees are really nice and great workers! Rental shoes– they are very used. Bowling balls– decent shape. Scoring system- user friendly. Easy to get to location. Great jukebox when somebody doesn’t choose country music(personal opinion…) Over all is a good place to go bowling.

Comment Date: 10/23/2005 Name: Anonymous
Great lanes.

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