Narrows Plaza Bowl

Narrows Plaza Bowl

  Name: Narrows Plaza Bowl  
  Address: 2200 Mildred Street W  
  City: University Place  
  State: WA  
  Zip: 98466  
  Phone: (253) 565-1007  
  Hours: Check website for hours.  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Comments: Top of the line scorers and the best Glow Bowling on Friday and Saturday nights. We also have great family specials. Of course, we have the best pizza in town.  
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Narrows Plaza Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 4/10/2011 Name: NarrowsBowler
Too bad none of that last comment is true. We go there 2-3 times per week. We love all the staff. Ben is great in the snack bar, Zsoelle is fabulous at the desk, and Clayton is always friendly. He comes down and talks to us every time he sees us. We don’t bowl here for no reason. The atmosphere is great and the prices are good. Do you people ever think you might be the problem?
Love the pancakes, too!

Comment Date: 3/28/2011 Name: Anonymous
I was recently at the bowling alley for my daughter’s birthday. I came into the facility 4 days prior to my party to reserve a few lanes for my daughters party which was on Saturday, March 26. When I arrived and talked to the front desk they advised me that I would need to pay up front to reserve the lanes and I did. I had just been there in October for another party we had for my boyfriends daughter and that was not the policy. I would like everyone to be aware that this policy is really hard for people that are trying to use the facility for a party. I was planning to have about 25 people there but I knew not all of them would bowl. I didn’t want to put a limit on people if they changed their mind and decided to. So after calling all of the people coming to the party to see if they were going to bowl, I ended up reserving 5 lanes and I asked to reserve them from 4-7 as well as the tables up top for the party. I specifically asked for enough room for 25 people. I also explained that I would be there about 3:00 to set up and get ready for the party so if they needed to reserve the area starting at 3 that would be fine. The attendant told me that all would be okay and that was not a problem. I left there feeling at ease and felt that everything would be okay.
Then in the afternoon at 3:00 (day of the party) I arrived to begin setting up. When I arrived I was told that people were still on my lanes and that they wouldn’t be ready until 4:00. I asked them why when I reserved them starting at 3:00pm. They explained that they booked back to back parties up until the time scheduled and I would need to wait. I stood there waiting for the other parties to leave for 30 minutes. Finally one of the workers walked up to them and let them know that another party was waiting. I think that was extremely rude. They could have put me on different lanes or figured something else out. The whole other half of the bowling alley was completely empty. I was told that leagues would be down there so they were not available, but during my entire length of stay the area was still open! After the other party left I rushed to set up my party and I was told that my bowling time would start at 4:00 and end at 5:00. I once again asked why when I booked for the area for 3 hours and if we didn’t want to bowl after the hour of bowling that I paid up front for, I would give up the lanes. They said that is not what is showing in the computer and that they booked another party at 5:00. By this time I was very upset that I am being rushed and not given the appropriate time that I asked for. After some of my party showed up I asked them to start bowling so we didn’t run out of time. During that time one of my lanes had a problem and it took over 20 minutes for them to fix it. In the meantime my time was running out and we didn’t get any extra time for that. We went to the front desk to talk to someone about it and the girl called a manager per our request. The manager explained the lanes were already fixed and there was nothing he could do since he had people waiting. After numerous requests to speak to him in person he finally came to the front and said that the situation was fixed and there was nothing more he could do but he would give a credit for 2 hours at a later time. At 5:00 they turned the lanes off and told us our time was done without resolving the time situation. I decided that it was best after all the problems we had already run into that we should just get the party started and quit bowling. We came up to the top section and starting doing the presents. Please keep in mind that this is a party for a 4 YEAR OLD!! During the time my daughter was opening her presents a worker came up to us and said that we had 10 minutes to finish up and move because the other party was waiting for our section. So as you can see it is the same pattern that I ran into when I first got there. I explained to them that we were doing our best to finish, but I reserved this area and would like it to be honored. The man told me that is not what i reserved and he would prove it. He then proceeded to walk to the front desk and printed out a copy of my reservation which showed me only reserving 1 hour and brought it back to me and THREW it at me!!! How inappropriate and rude!!! By the way this man’s name was Clayton. I have never been so disrespected and embarrassed as I was from that! That is not good customer service and it gives the facility a really bad reputation! I proceeded to explain AGAIN what happened and he told me that he didn’t care. We then went to the desk to talk to him and Clayton proceeded to tell us that if we were not gone from the facility in 10 minutes that he would call the police and have us escorted from the property! Meanwhile all this is taking place in front of family, friends and my 4 year old!! We had to explain to her that we needed to leave and go someplace else to finish her presents and do her cake! Please tell me how a 4 year old is supposed to understand what is going on??? We proceeded to clean up the area and leave. This was completely in-appropriate, rude and not good business practice. At this point my family, friends and I are directing EVERYONE that we know to not use your facility. I am asking everyone to please take caution if you are going to the facility or better yet go someplace else. There is another bowling place on 6th Avenue which is only 10 minutes from there. You will get much better service from there. I would not wish this situation on my worst enemy!!! Just remember, if you have a good experience you may only tell one person, but if you have a BAD experience you tell 10 people so let me just be the one to put this out there that I would not recommend this place to anyone!!!

Comment Date: 1/16/2011 Name: Anonymous
I have been to Narrows hundreds of times since I was a kid. The main issue I have encountered there is racism, especially as a child. I have come there many times as a paying customer and been harassed by the police officers as were many other AA customers, only to see that the caucasian youth outside smoking cigarettes or inside wandering were left alone. The staff for me was not memorable. I liked the food and the new upgrades…haven’t been there so much lately though, will likely try out these other recommendations.

Comment Date: 1/9/2011 Name: military bowler
ok pivirate were paying your wages,gone to pot with in lanes amf, newscoring thats the most impressive in town, what are u talking about,gone to pot times everything by 40, military most likely, on base govt facilities most dont compare or there “laneman and proshop are out to pasture’ most of equipment tax payeres provide for u are replaced on a time /we need to spend a loted money or lose it regardless if it not any good any more, exampl egov surplus auction 8 full amf ball cleaning machines $150 bucks complete yau know what your talking about

Comment Date: 11/19/2010 Name: Knot Impartent
Like most civilian bowling alleys in South Sound USBC’s territory, they’ve all gone to pot due to excessively high cost of employment in this state. Prices are expensive, product is poor, due to all the money having to go to minimum wage and unreasonably high taxes.

Comment Date: 9/20/2010 Name: Mike-Susan-Chelsea
We for one know that Lee is an outstanding manager, and a wonderful person. We go in weekly to the Narrows and anytime Lee is there, we are greated as family. He takes the time to talk to us, ask how we are, etc. He has a compasion for kids too. The staff are all outstanding! Maybe you just had an off day, happens to everyone. We wouldn’t think of switching to another bowling facility, simply because nobody else could beat the service and care you get at the Narrows

Comment Date: 10/20/2009 Name: Allen
Doing business with General Manager Lee Greenfield is like trying to talk to your cranky old uncle. The place is a ghost of what it once was. It’s tired and used up……just like the management that runs the place. If anyone smiled there you’d think their face was gonna crack and fall off. The place needs to be gutted and re-staffed…..and start with that troll that calls himself a general manager. I look to do business there and I’m met by an unprofessional slob with all the business attributes of a wet rag. Pathetic. Two minutes into a conversation with that guy and I stopped in my tracks and ended the conversation. I wouldn’t ask that guy to run a lemonade stand.

Comment Date: 10/17/2009 Name: Anonymous
ditto on the comment about ben at the food counter. possibly the nicest person i have met in a bowling alley. great cheeseburger to! what always atys the same here is that arcade that totally rocks!

Comment Date: 10/9/2009 Name: Rebecca
Ever since the old woman assistant manager left things seem to run very smoothly there. Nice arcade, nice lanes, very clean and the new computers gave the place a nice upgrade. I love the pancake breakfast (staff member Ben who makes them is very kind) and the other specials they have. As far as people that write negative comments about this place: if you are rude to them, they are going to be rude to you! It’s not just at narrows, it’s anywhere! Try working retail for a few years and you’ll see how rude and arrogant people can be for ridiculous reasons, then you won’t blame them for having little tolerance for people that cause a nuisance.

Comment Date: 2/19/2009 Name: Anonymous
The last poster must have done something to get in trouble? anyhow we had an party there a couple months ago and lee as well as the staff were great there. keep up the nice job. i suspect the complaint is coming from the hoodlums who used to hang around here years back.

Comment Date: 10/25/2008 Name: Anonymous
Place used to be awesome when i was younger, great arcade. Unfortunately ever since the new ownership has came in everything went down hill. Customer service is a huge problem here. And because its a self owned business they can do whatever the hell they want, including get u banned from the premises simply because they dont like u. And has that happened? Plenty of times. Did u know the General Manager “Lee” used to kick out anyone who didnt dress or look right to his standards? such as Goth’s or punk looking people. And because every weekend they would come back Lee made a new thing where the arcade would be shut down on weekends to people who hasnt paid for a game of bowling so he could easily get rid of the arcade players who were mostly Goth and punk. And the ones that he thought were appropriate he took down their names and put them on a the “Arcade list” basically letting only the few people he did like, in the arcade without paying for a game of bowling. And for the people that he told to leave ever came back to just bowl with their family, they got arrested for trespassing. Hell, i got banned from the bowling alley simply cuz i was in the arcade and didnt know that there was “RULES” to going in the arcade lol. And i was yelled at by him in front of customers at the bowling alley. He told me to get my a** out and to never come back. Well about 2 years later my sister is having a birthday party there and i show up, thinking that no one would care if i attended my sisters birthday. Lee Had the security come up to me. He wanted me arrested but since i wasnt in the “BOOK OF BANNED PEOPLE” i couldnt get arrested. Soo in front of my sisters birthday party he had security take a picture of me and copy my Drivers license and they put me in the “BOOK OF BANNED PEOPLE” and then told me to leave. So my little sister and my family and her friends had to witness all of that. I asked what i did to get banned exactly. and the security said, “they don’t need a reason at all, its a self owned business and im just doing my job as a security guard, sorry” sooo now if i ever wanna enjoy bowling at the bowling alley closest to my house, i will get arrested for trespassing. Why? Simply becuz they wanted to ban me. what kind of customer service is that?

Comment Date: 9/27/2008 Name: Tacoma Bowler
I agree with you Anonymous, New Frontier was better than Narrows! Better Staff and pricing! You can find the same thing at Pacific now since some of the old staff/management from New Frontier is there. (Thankfully not the final owner at NFL, he bankrupted the place) But Tuna and Clark are at Pacific.

Comment Date: 9/27/2008 Name: Tacoma Bowler
Narrows doesn’t own the arcade machines, Masterman Vending does and he has been great for years with video games. Does more to his machines everywhere he has them. Narrows is his #1 customer cause of the kids and he knows it; so the new hot games go there first.
In regards to the assistant manager; I heard from others she is rude too. I haven’t bowled for awhile but Narrows ownership (the guy from CA and I hear Reggie Fredrick who owns Chalet is involved) had put in all new scoring and new synthetic lanes.
But if you want better service, Pacific is the place. They don’t have the arcade room like Narrows (and the resulting problems with too many kids around).
Towers is going to give Narrows some competition in that area too, even if only 16 lanes. Towers has local ownership who are going to make it a good place to be!

Comment Date: 9/6/2008 Name: Anonymous
OMG, you have gotta see the arcade this place has. Our best discovery yet, as the machines actually stay fixed and work good. Our son found a game he says is nowhere to be played at other arcades. Bowling fun to but expensive like everything these days

Comment Date: 6/17/2008 Name: Anonymous
games are $4.25 after 5pm! I still love this place, but if New Frontier was still around…that would be the spot.

Comment Date: 5/24/2008 Name: Anonymous
Opening at 5:00 P.M. now on weekdays. So much for our playing games after class at TCC and getting some grub.

Comment Date: 5/17/2008 Name: Anonymous
Thank you for putting in that the assistant manager s*cks. honestly the owner needs to replace her immediately because she is doing nothing but irritating customers and making a poor work environment. Truly that is the source of conflict.

Comment Date: 4/4/2008 Name: monica
narrows seems stuck up and rude at first but really…you need to get to know the people. they’re nice just not too social customers because of there snobby new assistant manager…i agree she’s not that nice and she doesnt like them to be social to anyone but themselves. so they’re just lonely…how would you feel if you had to stand there all day waiting for people and not socializing with any of them? i was actually told to stay away from the front desk a few times because i was socializing with them. but overall they’re food is great, the people are great and i love their lanes and arcade. By far narrows is the best bowling center there is…so i believe.

Comment Date: 3/8/2008 Name: Miles
Best bowling alley in tacoma in my opinion. They have one of the most arcades in WA. They also have a full out bar too so that’s a plus. They also have a pretty big snack bar. They have great specials but I wish they had a friday special as well. The staff there are all right. Lots of kids over there so this bowling alley is kid friendly. Lots of lanes. All the great combinations gives this bowling alley above average.

Comment Date: 2/10/2008 Name: Scott F. Guinn
Bowled here recently when I was visiting family in Tacoma. I went with my wife and my sister’s family; seven of us in all. Employees were rude, and it cost $70 flat fee. They put us all on one lane. We could only get two games in. I won’t be back.
NOT recommended.

Comment Date: 1/10/2008 Name: Bernita
Changed entirely to much…..miss the ole bowl!

Comment Date: 3/24/2007 Name: Rick
The place is improving it seems lately. Still the best arcade games as everything seems to work well there. Good Monday specials.

Comment Date: 3/1/2007 Name: MAndie Aka A Juggalo
This place rocks..if half of you even spent as much time as Alot of us do there..then you would see that everything is great there..They are like the best bowling ally in tacoma/up place and if yall think their service is {deleted}..Then go somewhere eles..Cuz this is a great place and kids hang out there..cuz its the only place that is remotely safe…We have cops..We have the Arcade and we also have people who like to bowl and we also have people who pitch in to keep the place yall s*ck….So go {deleted}

Comment Date: 2/24/2007 Name: j258
This place s*cks, all they play is rap, we asked for anything rock, and they said they didnt have anyhthing but rap, and every other word cussing and profanities, and there were little kids therefor their birthdays!, the music was also full blast so you couldnt even hear yourself and the sound system s*cks, they dont have enough balls, AND the are there constantly, the serivce is extremely rude, DONT COME HERE!!!!!!!!!! GO TO DAFFODIL BOWLING IN PUYALLUP, 1000 TIMES BETTER, no cussing in the music, crap isnt tolerated there. NARROWS PLAZE BOWL IS FULL OF LOWLIFES AND HOODLUMS.

Comment Date: 8/29/2006 Name: Curious
Just wondering, did somebody buy this place from Brunswick. I heard it was purchased by a Mr. Spiegel. Is this the same Mr. Spiegel that used to own Active West Bowling Centers in LA?

Comment Date: 8/14/2006 Name: Courtney
I love this place they are really nice. If i need help with the bowling computer they will come right over and help without being snobby cause i didnt know. GREAT PLACE FOR EVERYONE!

Comment Date: 3/15/2006 Name: Justin Hall
that place needs new people to work there. not only are you guys rude, you spend about 75% of your time socializing instead of working. you guys dont deserve busniess.

Comment Date: 2/3/2006 Name: Justin Hall
The people that work there now are worse than the people that were here when Brunswik owned it. They’re more rude and not very friendly.

Comment Date: 1/16/2006 Name: Dennis
This place couldn’t s*ck anymore. Small lanes, crap oiling on lanes, slow service, RUDE service, out-dated equipment, not that great balls, decent shoes. Only thing that has Narrows running is the arcade.
Everything else about this place is horrible. The pricing is ridiculous. Nearly $3 something a game. RIP-OFF.
Want fun bowling? Good service? Great lanes and balls? Go to Bowleros or Paradise. Hell, even the Fort Lewis bowling alley is better than (Narrows).

Comment Date: 10/28/2005 Name: J52
Great place – it rocks and they have great food and their service is the best.

Comment Date: 10/8/2005 Name: H ALMOND
Non smoking, great for kids, great balls, nice lanes, friendly service. A very good alley to take kids, too!

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