Name: Funspot  
  Address: RR 3  
  City: Laconia  
  State: NH  
  Zip: 03246  
  Phone: (603) 366-4377  
  Hours: 10:00am-10pm  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Comments: Funspot offers 10 Ten Pin & 10 Candlepin lanes
Wood Lanes
Qubica Scoring System
$3.50 a Game
$1.75 Shoe Rental
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Votes:    39
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3
Food: Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3
Price: Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2
Fun: Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5
Overall: Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3
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Funspot Comments

Comment Date: 10/27/2006 Name: Funspot
Here’s a quick list of some of the improvements we have made since 1986, in random order: In 1987, we built the 12,000 sq. ft. kidde room, in 1988, we built the 35,000 sq. ft. bowling center. In 1996, we built the D A. Long Tavern to accomodate the bowlers from Lakes Region who lost their house. This tavern cost about $75,000. All of the bowling shoes were replaced last year and some of those were even replaced during this past summer when they failed. All of the carpet on the first floor was replaced in 2003, the carpet in the kiddie room was replaced in June 2006 and the bowling carpet is scheduled for June 2007. Gold Crown Lane Services screened and recoated all 20 lanes one month ago. We spent over $150,000 three years ago adding Qubica automatic scoring and bumpers to try and please our bowling customers. As far as your comment about video games, most of today’s games are too violent and do not fit in with our atmosphere so we do not buy them. We added the indoor golf center in 2000 at a cost of $450,000. We haven’t held Texas Hold’em Poker since October 2005. NH Guy, where are you getting your information from?

Comment Date: 10/23/2006 Name: NH Guy
The shoes, balls, and lanes haven’t been replaced since about 1986. This is a place that -never- repairs or updates anything (video games, flooring, mini-golf, etc) unless it has to do with gambling (poker, bingo).

Comment Date: 3/16/2006 Name: Anonymous
The association moved due to extreme mismanagement on their part. Supposedly a vote was taken to move and everybody agreed? Funny how most of the members didn’t know about the vote or the move just the “in people” at the top. I quit bowling because the association was so bad and even contacted ABC about their conduct. The new house they moved to threw out the entire Friday night league and told them not to return. What does THAT tell you? Don’t blame Funspot for the problems of an association that has caused bowling to almost die completely in the lakes region.

Comment Date: 10/15/2004 Name: Bowler
This bowling center is so bad even the local association jumped to a smaller house just to get away from the trash at this center.

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