Spare Time

Spare Time

  Name: Spare Time  
  Address: 215 Lower Mountain View Drive  
  City: Colchester  
  State: VT  
  Zip: 05446  
  Phone: (802) 655-2720  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Spare Time Comments

Comment Date: 7/26/2012 Name: zawezome
Its a great place. I highly recommened it.

Comment Date: 9/27/2010 Name: Steve
Let’s face it, no business is perfect. While I have stated my opinion freely about lane conditions there at times, If nothing else, I’ve found the staff to be polite, professional, and many times very helpful. Yes, this establishment can be very, very busy, and if you’re a real stickler for bowling etiquette at all times, you’d be well-advised to stay away late nights or Saturdays in general.
I’ve gotten to know many of the people that work at Sparetime Colchester the past year, and have never been treated poorly by any of them. Given the type of bowling center it is, I’d say they are first class. During leagues, it’s run very well and it’s a fun place. I’m sure there are much better places for pure-play bowlers that want everyone to cater to their fragile egos. But this place serves a pretty large volume of diverse interests, from sanctioned leagues, to fun leagues, kid’s parties, group events, to open bowling and the infamous Galactic bowling.
I think for what they are, it’s pretty well run now. From what I’ve seen just this year, they’ve taken some constructive criticism and it’s gotten better in many areas. That’s the sign of a good business, and I commend any business for steady improvement and listening.

Comment Date: 6/20/2010 Name: Shirley
Does this place even have a Manager?? Poorly ran. Whatever happened to the days where you knew the Manager? Where he would come to the lanes and check on you? Seniors who bowled for years would get free coffee? BNE get a clue. No wonder the last week when I came in the place was a ghost town. You can make all of the renovations in the world, but if you do not know how to take care of your customers, it will always be a ghost town.

Comment Date: 2/12/2010 Name: Customer
Bowl New England – I got one word for you – Clueless

Comment Date: 12/12/2009 Name: Sue B
I think I fogot to put Spare time, Colchester. I am still trying to decide what I think of the management of the bar. Some times it is ok, and sometimes not. What is her name again so I know if we are talking about the right person?

Comment Date: 12/12/2009 Name: Sue B.
What is the name of the bar manager at Spare Time again? What do you guys think of that management?

Comment Date: 8/31/2009 Name: Jim B.
Are you sure it was the manager? (Her voice is manly like Marge Simpson.)

Comment Date: 5/2/2009 Name: Concerned Customer
By the way the last comment was made for Sparetime Bristol

Comment Date: 5/1/2009 Name: Concerned Customer
I don’t know if the owners of Sparetime read this site but I thought I would post a comment anyway. I want to compliment you on the job you did remodeling both the bowling alley and the bar. That is my only positive comment. As far as negative goes the staff that you have working there has a lot to be desired. I am a regular open bowler that goes there and it seems like everytime I go there the people working behind the counter have no clue what is going on. We have had experiences from having to wait 20-30 minutes for a lane when there where 30 lanes open. I understand if there is a big group or something coming in and lanes where reserved but as we left there still where 30 lanes open a hour later. Also no one ever seems to be at the desk when you need help and when they are there they don’t know the answer. Once again I understand if the person or persons don’t have a answer but no attempt was made to find out. One last comment would be the last time we visited and I mean the LAST time – the manager was there and I needed a ramp for my 3 year old child and she had such a piss poor attitude – I was completely ignored and felt like a was doing her a favor for being there. To sum it up the place looks great but it only looks as good as the people that work and run the place – I would grade it a D-

Comment Date: 3/23/2009 Name: Just surfing
I think Bowl New England should check all there centers on this site. There isn’t one that doesn’t have something to say about the bad management and organization in each center. There is such a thing as getting to big and not paying attention to the simple things that keep a business going. In other words the owners of BNE should wake up and smell the roses.

Comment Date: 11/13/2008 Name: Former BNE Manager
As a former BNE manager I can tell you they treat there people very poorly. Stay away from them, eventually what comes around goes around!!!

Comment Date: 11/2/2008 Name: i run a business myself
I do run my own business and sometimes you have to give a little.. free coffee for seniors who pay your salary because they join a league is not to much to ask for….

Comment Date: 10/27/2008 Name: Happy Customer
My husband and I have bowled a few times in the past at the brainerd location. We didnt to much care for the location due to the fact the employees just dont seem to care. My daughter is 8 years old and we recently just had a bowling party for her at the hixson location. IT WAS GREATT!!!! The staff was very friendly the kids got to enjoy the cosmic lights and they wished her happy birthday over the intercom. She was so excited. 3 days later i got a phone call from Blake asking and making sure that everything went well with the party. That is service with a smile we will definently be having more bowling parties from here on out!!!! Thanks again holiday bowl hixson.

Comment Date: 10/22/2008 Name: yeah OK
well mr blake maybe you should get all of your facts before you run your mouth.. Your a so called assistant manager who cries when things dont go your way and you run to your boss and wine….

Comment Date: 10/22/2008 Name: waitonu
I do work for this company, and I happen to think that it is an awesome place to work for. Why is it that people insist on getting everything for free. I would like to see you run a business and hand out your products for free. You cannot be a manager and just not show up for work chronic condition or not! So before you complain about how cheap the company is maybe you should think about what it actually costs to run it.

Comment Date: 10/18/2008 Name: Wife of 1 who knows 1st hand
To respond to the last comment about the chronic condition of the past manager for Hixson what does that have to do with anything he did his job and taking a day off makes him to be a bad manager i dont think so unless someone made a new rule up about taking a personal day everyone who has them can use them.. you have a chronic condition its call ass kisser syndrome…. So mr know it all unless you have all of your facts in place you should keep your trap shut your the one who was pissed because they didn’t choose you to run the center mmmmmmm i wonder why if Bowl NE didn’t choose you whats that telling you are you that ignorant you can’t get the real picture… and when they brought in the new manager you were ready set go in back stabbing anyone who got in your way thats not what managing is about… Ohhh and the “secret” emails about the manager and other staff members to the bosses Tim & Ed to show your abilities to run the center alone why would you cry about the small stuff….the employees at Hixson should be careful cause you have backstabbed everyone there just to make yourself look good.. the 1st time meeting you i told the manager he’s a little piss ass watch out for him he’s very very evil…. And then when you write statments about each employee telling the manager who’s bad and who’s easy maybe those should go to Tim and Ed…As far as giving seniors free coffee don’t they deserve something for free if they are bowling in league and they shouldn’t have to pay and if the corp office thinks so then the leagues should know thats not a place of proper business. bowl new england a business is not always about profit profit its about what the patrons would like thats how you keep your business….. You should try harder making a name of good business instead of making your centers sound like crap you employers and former employers really can’t say much..

Comment Date: 10/3/2008 Name: get the facts first
it seems that you have only gotten his side of the story. before forming an oppinon you should have all the facts. when you are hired to work and you just don’t show up, you don’t keep your job. there was no cronic condition, he just choose not to come to work. as for the free coffee, it does cost money to purchase, so therefore it must be sold. sr’s receive a discount when they bowl. when was the last time mcdonalds gave you free coffee

Comment Date: 9/16/2008 Name: League Bowler
I am a league bowler at both Holiday Bowl Hixson and Brainerd. What happened to the new manager that was just hired at Hixson? I ran into him at the grocery store last Friday and he told me he was fired because he took a few days off and openly spoke to one of the bosses about a chronic condition he has and was fired within a week! Is that even legal? That is typical of the Bowl New England corporation in the handling of their employees from what I have seen over the years. I have been bowling in that house for over 35 years and thought we finally had a good manager who will bring good changes to both my league(Seniors) and the youth of the center. He started giving us free coffee during league and the cheap b*stards in Vermont took it away from us! I have seen many managers come and go which tells you that the company is not a very good company to work for….so ask around before you think about working for this company.

Comment Date: 8/4/2008 Name: league sect.
this is regards to spare times sgf center.are you aware that most of the staff in this center is looking for new jobs because of the new manager just hired.also some of his ideas will not improve your buisness putting tables down in settee area ,playing music during league play,not very good ideas at all,thank you for your time

Comment Date: 8/3/2008 Name: League Bowler
Who in the hell is the Big Blonde lady that took over in Latham? I can see why she’s big because she never got off her ass from an office chair to assist us at the counter. Stood there for a while before we just gave up. The whole time we were there I don’t think I ever saw her get up. Did see her move in the chair, though! Unbeleivable!

Comment Date: 4/14/2008 Name: christine
I recently had a party at Yankee Lanes in Portland for my sister which rocked! The manager, Jeff, was awesome! He coordinated the entire party while I was on vacation in Ireland. His professionalism and great personality was the ONLY reason we decided to hold the party at the bowling ally instead of a place called Jokers. I will definitly be back to this place in the near future. If you read this post Jeff, YOU ROCK! Love you to pieces sweetheart!!!

Comment Date: 4/13/2008 Name: Anonymous
Shaker bowl s*cks plain and simple.

Comment Date: 3/18/2008 Name: You know who
I have a huge problem with Shaker Bowl letting someone work the desk who was not allowed to bowl in a sanctioned league because he was caught(red-handed I might add) stealing money from a junior league!! Josh might as well come out of the closet as well as just wear a sign that says- Bowl New England hires thieves!! There used to be a great staff there on the weekends, They must have been competent!! That must be why they aren’t there anymore!!

Comment Date: 3/3/2008 Name: skiguy
Bowled at Yankee Lanes in Burlington this past weekend. It was a blast. The people were great, the lanes were good and the whole place was upbeat. I’d recommend it to anyone who lives or visits the area. My guess is that anyone who doesn’t have a good time there probably has a tough time having fun no matter what they are doing.

Comment Date: 3/3/2008 Name: mad bowler and very upset
ive been to shaker bowl maybe 5 times in my life and everytime i go there i remember why i hate it so much, the Managers and employees are extremely rude and finally when i come across a nice employee, they dont work there anymore. they probably quit because the managers are so disrespectful. im very underwhelmed with shaker bowl and dont plan on going back. finally when i enjoyed someone that worked there they get fired. maybe they only allow rude people to work there. i wouldnt want to work there either.

Comment Date: 2/16/2008 Name: All 4 fun
I live in Chattanooga and there are 3 center’s with a 10 minute drive . I of course as a bowler have bowled in all three locations. Both AMF center’s were managed by a Gentleman named Calvin who doesn’t have clue! Needless to say I don’t bowl at either AMF house anymore! I have recently started in a Sunday night league at Holiday Bowl Brainard and it is AWESOME!!! My average has went up each week and the employee’s are great. Now granted I do not like the fact that I am barely off the lane before open bowler’s are moving in in us BUT that’s the business. The management there both Joe and Gary always are pleasant to deal with and the employee’s always seem to be having a good time.

Comment Date: 1/31/2008 Name: frustrated bowler
I’m not sure what has happened to the sparatic lane conditions @ shaker bowl.. The lane conditions are NEVER the same. I’m not sure when setting up the lane conditions to employees bowling habbits became acceptable practice, but in this house it is common practice!!!

Comment Date: 11/2/2007 Name: A happy patron
came in on the weekend with for my daughters birthday. Loved the Music and the atmosphere. My daughter heard her name announced over the sound system through some form of live DJ service and the party was “happenin’!” Thanks again Yankee Lanes.

Comment Date: 9/20/2007 Name: hate bowl new england
Why do u have to ruin sunset lanes by taking over your gonna lose lots of leagues

Comment Date: 9/17/2007 Name: B.N FROM 1999
If you really knew the amount of work that these
people put in to giving you one of the nicest bowling centers to enjoy yourself in you might be a little wiser in your comments. The owners are very compasonate to the needs of the bowlers and in all reality could get away with giving folks a subpar product and increase revenues!
Yet they don’t!!!!! Great company, great people!!!

Comment Date: 9/5/2007 Name: ME
Boy you must have been a real good employee the managers name is Not Justin.How about another guess????

Comment Date: 7/21/2007 Name: ex-employee and sooo happy
Let me tell you, the center is bad news. The manager Justin is a complete a** and has a habit of making people uncomfortable with really racy humor, farting in his office, and even sexually harassing his subordinates. In the past year that he has worked there, the staff has had a complete turnover… people are not leaving because they are finding better jobs… they leave because they can’t take the abuse, s*cky pay and general lack of respect anymore. No one I used to work with is left, and almost no one who works there has more than a year seniority besides the snack bar manager. On more than one occasion the manager has talked about customers and employees behind their backs and it is not nice stuff.
Employees all in general seem to be people with a good heart but not much of a brain. There are a few exceptions however who have neither heart nor brain.
As for customers well here’s the deal. On pretty much any night of the week you can count on a wait, high prices, and incompetent staff. God forbid your machine doesn’t work, it’s practically company policy to blow you off three or four times before we get the guy in back to get off his a** and look at the machine. By the way I say “he” because this is a man’s job… although not explicit in the handbook, Justin has a policy of hiring only guys ‘down back’ and full time at the front desk while girls get to have all the home-maker jobs like watching the kids (afterschool programs & birthday parties) and making food (snackbar).
The snack bar is way overpriced and the food quality s*cks. If that’s not bad enough for you, most times it has gone bad too. Also word to the wise, don’t piss off snack bar girls… I’ve seen more than one put something nasty in the food, and trust me there is plenty to choose from.
The bathrooms have been redone recently but I bet it won’t be too long before they are all scuzzy and looking like a** again.
One good note, the maintenance guy who works at night is not only a saint but he does a damn good job as well. So while the place may not be clean on a Friday night at 9pm, it will be most any morning you go.
Good Luck and remember to wear socks!

Comment Date: 3/1/2006 Name: BNE
I am sorry this center is so busy that you may have to wait to get on a lane. If you don’t like it too bad and bowl in your back yard. And if you come to the center just to cry on how bad everything is here don’t waste your time because we don’t care because we are rich and don’t need you HA HA HA HA . Try duck pin, little balls are what you are used to anyway.

Comment Date: 2/19/2006 Name: Bubba
The lanes always have problems, the place is always packed, what can you expect when a place’s competition folds and everyone still wants to bowl.

Comment Date: 8/22/2005 Name: Vt. bowler
This place is great it is the only place you can bowl and get girls in the back room at the same time(you know who i’m talking about).The snack shack is ripping people off with the inflated prices,I saw their food invoice that was left on the counter.French fries $22.00 case they sell for $3.00 each they make thousands on ripping people off.

Comment Date: 9/14/2004 Name: 8baller
Yankee Lanes rocks the hizzouse! Friday and Saturday last night bowling = wastedness!
Yankee should have more topless dancers, plus it’d be nice if you could smoke cigs right at the lanes, but that’s some stupid VT law, not their fault.
If you live around Burlington, this is THE place to go.

Comment Date: 8/17/2004 Name: Anonymous
I would like to see weekly league standings.

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