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Great question! is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every month. These visitors are bowlers and bowling center owners. If your target market is the active bowler or bowling center owner you cannot afford not to secure your place on Visitors to this website are repeat visitors and have proven themselves to be action takers. Vistors regularly and consistently provide feedback to the website and return often to view responses to their comments. Again, if your target market is the bowler or bowling center owner you cannot find a better place than sponsoring a page on Your advertisement will be at the top right of each page in the MOST advantageous position. Normally these types of ads sell for hundreds of even thousands of dollars a month. Not at
Each bowling center page on is available to be sponsored. Once a page has been sponsored, the original sponsor will be given the first opportunity to renew the sponsorship of that page. Another sponsor may bid a higher advertising rate for an existing page forcing the original sponsor to decide if they are willing to match the new bid price or release sponsorship of the page to the new bidder. The bidding process is for page sponsorship renewal only, there will not be any changes to a page until any existing contract has completed in its entirety.
Advertising on is an excellent opportunity for the bowling center, any neighboring business to the bowling center, and competing centers to drive traffic to their business.
For pages that currently have a sponsor you must contact to obtain current pricing and availability. For pages that are not currently sponsored the pricing rates are as follows. Pricing is quoted monthly, all contracts have a minimum one year contract that must be paid in full at the time the order is placed.

1 Year sponsorship = 39/mo
2 Year sponsorship = 34/mo
3 Year sponsorship = 29/mo
The following are some of the types of advertisers that are inappropriate and will be denied an application.

Adult Content Websites
Gambling Websites
Any other website that we in our sole discretion deem to be inappropriate
Contact us via email at CENTERS at BOWLING2U.COM, when contacting us please include the following. Any emails that do not follow the below instructions will be ignored.

Subject line MUST BE bowling2u advertiser
Your Name
Your contact phone number
The bowling center page you want to sponsor. Center name, city, state.