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Agawam Bowl

  Name: Agawam Bowl  
  Address: 359-363 Walnut Street Extension  
  City: Agawam  
  State: MA  
  Zip: 01001  
  Phone: (413) 786-4108  
  Hours: Sat/Sun- Noon-Close Mon-Fri 9am -Close  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
  Comments: One of the remaining and largest candlepin centers left in Western Massachusetts. This newly aquired and totally renovated to a 21st century bowling center has it all from food,BYOB and fall/winter leagues that pay this season up to $5,000 to the championship team but also has regular men'e women's and senior leagues for everyone in their 22 weekly league line up. They also have cosmic bowling and bumpers along with brand new computer scoring along with corprate party packages and kids birthday packages. The center's recent upgrades rival area tenpin centers and make this center look very much like the 20 other tenpin centers woned by the same company that owns this center. When we say it's all brand new we mean it, even the rental shows, house balls and even the pins are brand new and bowlers have a choice they can roll on brand new Garland pins upstairs on lanes 1-10 or the brand new American Products pins downstairs on lanes 11-22... The choices are endless at tis center that was slated to close ledd than 2 yeas ago bt the previous owners and today in under just 18 months has become a candlepin bowling legend in Western Massachusetts... Open year round, please call for lane availability the day and time you plan to come and enjoy the sport of candlepin bowling in a 21st century it was meant to be enjiyed in today in 2011... Agawam Bowl, Agawam MA... A world class champion...  
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Agawam Bowl photos
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Fun: Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9
Overall: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
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Comment Date: 11/15/2013 Name: Jim Feeley, General Manager, Agawam Bowl
Agawam Bowl has moved in a positive direction, under new ownership and management since Mr. Fleming passed away in April, 2012. While there were likely some unfortunate incidents prior to that, we have made a concerted effort to return to the high standards established by past owners including the Montagnas and Tetreaults; to consistently deliver a positive customer experience and a be a place where families, friends or individuals can come and feel safe and welcome. While we do operate in an older building, we understand comfort and cleanliness are important. In addition to computer scoring, new color schemes, a modest video arcade, pool table and digital jukebox help brighten the atmosphere. We strive to ensure that enjoyment is provided for casual and league bowlers, birthday parties, group and corporate events, and those who attend the various fundraisers held in our facility. If anyone feels that we have not met these goals, I would like to hear from you; please contact me at Thank you, Jim Feeley, General Manager, Agawam Bowl

Comment Date: 2/8/2013 Name: Jim Feeley, General Manager, Agawam Bowl
While it is true that there was a period of difficulty here at Agawam Bowl, the the principle source of the problems ended with the passing of Mark Fleming in April of 2012, who was unable to conquer his personal demons, relied too much on the wrong people, and succumbed to severe health issues. Currently owned by Kay Fleming, Agawam Bowl continues to move in a positive direction, and places our focus on customer enjoyment and satisfaction. Leagues are growing, more birthday parties and groups are having fun here, and the outlook is good. We hope that anyone looking to have some fun and exercise will consider paying us a visit; our goal is to make it a place you want to return to again and again. Please do not hesitate to contact me at with any questions or concerns. Thank you, Jim Feeley, General Manager, Agawam Bowl p.s. to westernMAbowler: while compromises are sometimes needed in expenditures, we have tried to upgrade the facility as much as possible within the allowable budget. For example, more recent improvements let us place all of the senior leagues on the ground floor to minimize stair navigation. We have 10 lanes with bumpers, and it is unusual to not have enough to go around, even during the busiest times (I put in 75 hours at the counter last February school vacation). Prize money payouts are no longer an issue-last season's were made either on the final week of bowling or during banquets/parties the following week. Any issues with improper service should be reported to me, as they require prompt attention (even if I'm on a bad day and at fault). While Frank is no longer involved in operations, we continue to rely on his knowledge and expertise in maintaining the equipment, and his advice on the bowling business.

Comment Date: 1/27/2012 Name: Concerned bowler...
Wanna see what you're dealing with when you go to Agawam Bowl? This is a matter of the public record folks...I wouldn't do business with this guy if it were the last bowling center on earth.. From the Greenfield Recorder Court Log: Greenfield, Jan. 13, Judge Laurie MacLeod Mark T. Fleming, 44, of Holyoke. Pleaded innocent to intimidating a witness, and threatening to commit a crime, to wit, against a person, in Greenfield, released on personal recognizance, continued to 2/27/12 for pretrial conference. Mark T. Fleming, 44, of Holyoke. Pleaded innocent to violation of an abuse prevention restraining order, in Greenfield, different date from previous case, released on personal recognizance, continued to 1/18/12 for pretrial conference.

Comment Date: 11/14/2011 Name: westernMAbowler
Reading the above description would lend someone to believe this is a great place. All false! The equipment is all used, nothing new, and the automatic scoring system is outdated compared to all the 10 pin centers in the area. I bolwed in a league here at Agawam, and it took almost 2 months to get our end of season prize money! The previous owner Frank was a great guy, who cared about bowling, this new owner cares nothing about the bowlers in this center. I would go elsewhere to bowl if I were you, unless you enjoy rude service. Also they don't have enough bumpers for all the younger children, so on a busy vacation week, you take your chances to get bumpers if you have kids. I would just avoid Agawam Bowl at this point.....much better places around to spend your dime.

Comment Date: 6/23/2011 Name: Candlepin Bowler
This center was recently purchased by Mark T. Fleming of Holyoke, MA. Fleming is the very same person who, in December of 1987, was driving at speeds in excess of 130 MPH on Mountain Road in Easthampton, MA, killing his best friend, James Sbrega. Fleming also injured several people in an oncoming car that he struck, taking one small child's eye. Fleming has never admitted fault in the accident. He did hard time for it; said time was extended due to misbehavior. If you're a moral person, do not frequent this establishment. It is a known drug haven in town. Children should not be allowed into the center with or without their parents. Do not frequent this establishment.

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