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Bad Axe Lanes

  Name: Bad Axe Lanes  
  Address: 3361 North Van Dyke Road  
  City: Filion  
  State: MI  
  Zip: 48432  
  Phone: (989) 269-9581  
  Hours: 12am-2.30am  
  Lanes: 12  
  Lane Type: Wood  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
  Comments: nice atmosphere.  
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Bad Axe Lanes
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Comment Date: 8/6/2009 Name: mark a
is this a Brunswick Gold Crown Center? I'm only asking because I used to bowl in one on a Navy base in SC,where I'm from. IT was single lane masking units and slimline above lane ball returns.10 lanes was what they had,it was more than good enough for me;met my needs for a couple of hours.I could bowl for .50/game and .25 for shoes. my mom gave me her ball and had it redrilled for me;she was right handed,obviously I'm lefthanded.My dad gave me /let me use his we wear the same size,he used to bowl with me he loved it but he can't do it anymore because of his back and 2 knee replacements and 2 rotator cuff surgeriesbut he misses it and comes out to watch me.He was right handed also,rolled an easy smooth straight ball with a little hook at the back. He could shoot 190s-215 and even a 240.He hurt his back at the Navy Ship Yard in the Rigging Shop.I bowled my very first 200,a 208 ,I was just 15years old! Thanks for reading ,Anyway my mom was a decent bowler .She bowled on the base league for something to fill a couple hours in the morning,can't recall what day it was so long time ago 37years she also got to where she could bowl the190s;averaged 195in her league.She also can't bowl anymore due to a hiatal hernia,pressure coming up to her chest when she bends over.I hope you enjoy reading this .thank you and good night.

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