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Strikes @ Boca

  Name: Strikes @ Boca  
  Address: 21046 Commercial Trail  
  City: Boca Raton  
  State: FL  
  Zip: 33486  
  Phone: (561) 368-2177  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Strikes @ Boca
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Comment Date: 9/10/2013 Name: Sam
First of all I dont know if this will get to the right person, I have been trying to get to the management of this place for the last 2 days , An employee with the name Bryan or atleas that's what the receipt said since he refused to give me his name and pretended to be the manager of the place the whole time , he is a regular hight dark guy which I think was Spanish I'm mentioning this just to be accurate about the guy and not put some body else in trouble , the guy asked me and my friends to leave the place more than once just cus I hurt my back after 5 minutes of playing and I asked him to get me smaller shoes so my gf can play instead since I already paid , he refused and instead kept shutting the lane off every 5 minutes cuz I asked my gf to play with her own shoes since he refused to give us shoes , so i said outloud what the hell is going on , he took that personal and when confronted he asked me to leave and said too bad no refunds or exchanges even thou the sign says only no refunds and nothing about any exchanges , the guy even threatened me and said leave cuz u don't wanna deal me , every time I asked about a manger he would say ur speaking to him and refuses to talk . The lane was shutoff while playing 3 times for random reason that he made up , he had the nerves to tell me that i paid for my self and I can't switch it to somebody else after 5 minutes cuz of a back injury . The guy is just RUDE 3 customers saw what happens and walked out . I asked my friends to finish the game and leave cuz he was getting loud . Customer service does not exist with this guy.

Comment Date: 9/10/2013 Name: Mike s
The worst experience ever. THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY. the guy working at the front desk "BRYAN"is a complete jerk that doesnt know customer service if it bit him in the face. The have no direct number for complains so employees get away with a lot of things

Comment Date: 11/7/2012 Name: DRY LANES

Comment Date: 11/7/2012 Name: DRY OIL
Stikes @ Boca is by far the biggest dump I have ever bowled at. You do not know how to oil lanes. Your stupid house shot of 15 board in of oil leaving the 14 boards outside dry really does not make it. I will be moving on to another house that takes some pride that they offer league bowlers, you do not do that. Your lanes are filthy, when i finish bowling my hand is full of dirt, putting oil on top of dirty oil really does not make it. Your computer scoring system has a lot to be desired, half of the time it does not work. Your hand fans do not all function, the pin count you get is scored wrong, if you are ready to close please do. You facility is awful and I will go where a house has pride in what they are offering to the public, you are not doing that. Bye dry house

Comment Date: 7/18/2012 Name: One pissed off high school bowler.
You guys are a joke!! During the 2012 High School bowling season, your stupid employees caused me to get serverly hurt. There was a huge patch of sticky stuff on the approach of lane 31. The emoployees knew about it the night before and still put us on the lane. I was picking up my spare and slid right into it. I fell right on my knee which had finally recovered from a prior injury that took about 2 years to heal. I was unable to walk for a month. After that the manager never called my parents back. That made them sooooo mad. I had a brace that cost $800 that the bowling alley should be responsible for paying. Needless to say, I will NEVER bowl there voluntaringly again. Thank god they're redisrictioning for next school year. Hate you Boca :)

Comment Date: 1/31/2012 Name: jajajajajjajajajajajaj
thats were in was born

Comment Date: 2/22/2010 Name: Tina Dudley
HI...I am Tina the person who handles fundraisers at what is now, Strikes at Boca. And I can assure you, I have been working with non-profits, companies and schools in Palm Beach County for over 8 years...and I give you my word, I am very aware of my clients needs and will go above and beyond your every expectation. Come in...or call me at Strikes at Bocaon my cell at 561-703-7516 and I will prove it : ) I look forward to working with you.

Comment Date: 12/28/2009 Name: anonymous
your prices are outrageous

Comment Date: 2/17/2009 Name: Sarah
I called to speak to this "Tina" person that handles your party so well THREE times and I never heard back from her.... I also called the bowling alley itself and left a message with them.. So I THEN had my Fundraiser at Palm Beach Strike Zone (Lake Worth) and the Event person there accually answered the CELL phone that the front desk gave me! Strikes of Boca Lost my buisness because of That woman ... and Im letting everyone know it !! Our fundraiser was a success We sold 311 tickets to our fundraiser too! A bowling alley is a great place to raise money just dont go to Strikes at Boca!!

Comment Date: 2/4/2009 Name: Thomas
My company just had an event at Strikes at Boca, and it was very well organized. Everything was set up with balloons and buffet tables and the Italian Buffet was delicious. My team members were are pleased with our turnout and had a great time. Tina handled the party and was most accomadating to our needs. We will be sure to make this an annual event. And I would recommend this venue to others as well.

Comment Date: 1/20/2009 Name: jerry
wayyy too overpriced

Comment Date: 12/31/2008 Name: John Larsh
The worst experience ever. THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY. the guy working at the front desk "DREW" is a complete jerk that doesnt know customer service if it bit him in the face.

Comment Date: 5/4/2008 Name: A Hernandez - WPB
Boca Bowl is good overall. It is fun because they play good music during laser bowl on Friday and Saturday nights, have modern equipment, and have lots of room! If you bowl only on the weekends like I do, you will find that the lanes are not conditioned enough for the volume of play that they have. Leaguers get treated well because Boca Bowl will have the lanes prepped for them. I am an amateur but I do appreciate good lane conditions. Especially Friday and Saturday nights, the lanes are very dry! The equipment is modern and easy to use; however the touch screen is a little inaccurate when typing. The pricing is on the high end but they can do that since their market is not price sensitive. The staff is friendly, however for the knowledgeable folks; you have to bowl during league time and during the weekday when most people work. Boca Bowl has a pro shop but with inconvenient hours and an unprofessional personality that runs it. This guy thinks he is hot stuff and is as arrogant as a high school jock! He has a nice kid working for him but is not knowledgeable. So you pay a premium for the services of the Pro but the service is getting fulfilled by the apprentice at a lesser quality than you expect. I had my ball fitted by the “Pro”. He is not humble at all. During the fitting process, I asked some questions so that I can learn about the process and how a ball should fit and he reacted as if I was annoying him. He was not open to taking the time to share his knowledge and experience which is what I was paying for. When he went to fit me, he took measurements with a caliber but didn’t bother to test the angles and the sizes using the mock up ball because he thought he knew better. Needless to say, my ball doesn’t fit me now. Fortunately, it was a used ball given to me and I have it as a spare. By contrast, my experience with the Pro at Verde’s Tropicana in West Palm Beach (Sam is his name) was ideal. Even though Sam has many more years of experience, he still took the time to educate me AND measure me correctly. It was a perfect fit the first time! In fact, I had the ball back within two hours of buying it while the guy at Boca required me to come back 4 days later! Go to Boca Bowl fun a night out, for a league, to play billiards and video games, and to eat and drink at reasonable prices. Don’t go to Boca Bowl for the Pro.

Comment Date: 2/18/2008 Name: susan
cant wait till you guys renavate the out side looks worse than the inside please make us a beautiful bowling lane when you remake it and hurry Thankyou will miss you in may

Comment Date: 1/7/2008 Name: jason budd
boca bowl aka don carters is the most expensive bowling alley that i have been to in my entire life, my friends and I will never go back there ever unless they change their prices!

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