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Boland Lanes and Amusements

  Name: Boland Lanes and Amusements  
  Address: 1505 East Park Avenue  
  City: Enterprise  
  State: AL  
  Zip: 36330  
  Phone: (334) 347-8953  
  Hours: 9:00 am-9:00pm mon, tue, wed,thurs, Fri, Sat, sun  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
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Boland Lanes and Amusements
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Votes:    117
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8
Food: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Price: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Fun: Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7
Overall: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
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Boland Lanes and Amusements Comments - Add your comment
Comment Date: 5/17/2017 Name: Silenia
I am really upset bout the customer service right when i came in to pay at the desk the man behide the counter made the comment that i was looked pregnant and my friend said shes not and he didnt even apology's to me that is really rude and do you not that made me feel like seriously it made me feel so bad about my self because any girl would.

Comment Date: 12/18/2015 Name: Theresa riley a mad customer who has been coming f
We come back with our 2 children an were put on lane 12 with bumpers that don't work an were told they have said something but the owners don't care an won't fix then why would you put children on that lane terrible bussiness

Comment Date: 12/13/2015 Name: Theresa riley a mad customer who has been coming f
I am very mad with this place every time we have called an made plans an came up here there closed early we had 6-10 people with us an even called to make sure at 2:45 get there at 3 there closed this is not how you run a b ussiness feel free to call me 3343792847 theresa

Comment Date: 5/4/2014 Name: Ken
We have never been to this bowling alley before, but my wife printed out coupons for the family that stated 2 free games May 3, 2014 from 1 to 5 pm. When we got there we were told that coupons were not good for Saturday even though the coupon stated that was the only day it was good for. We left do not plan on going back.

Comment Date: 7/29/2013 Name: Nunya
im 12 and every week myself and two of my best friends go bowling at boland lanes and we have a great time. The staff members there are polite and joke around with us. As well as helping us with any problems with our bowling experience right after we tell them about it. the snacks are not amazing but cut them some slack, at least they have food! The only thing i had a problem with is when the staff helps us with the way we bowl... It makes us feel a bit uncomfortable, but everything else it great! I hope everyone else that comes to boland lanes has an awesome time.

Comment Date: 3/2/2013 Name: Amber.
Prices online please.

Comment Date: 11/10/2011 Name: Gordon
Maybe things have changed since the other comments I read,but these lanes have been a nice place to go, curteous staff, clean, reasonbly priced, and the equipment problems (rare) are no different than the bast lanes I have been in where mechanical devices occasionally hang up . I saw no smoling anytime we have gone and my grandchildren (7) all have fun there.

Comment Date: 9/19/2009 Name: William
Normally I'm not the one to write a review but in this case I must make an exception. I went bowling tonight with my 15yr old son and his friends only to be constantly harrassed on how I bowl or what size bowling ball I should bowl with, there were two older gentlemen who had nothing better to do then to make a scene in front of everyone while my spouse and I went to the bathroom and snack bar about the size of bowling ball my son was using. My son was recovering from shoulder surgery and was unable to lift heavy objects consistantly, therefor he was using a 8lb ball, to my unforeseen knowledge "Men" are not allowed to bowl with 8lb balls. Since when are "Men" catagorized as 15yr olds? Well anyway, we were proceded to get told to either leave without refund or they would give us bowling for another day, now what good is it to come another day if my son is still unable to carry a higher weight ball? None in my opinion, we were there to bowl that night with his friends and all that came out of it was a unneccessary scene and a ruined night. So I warn everyone, if you want lanes that work intermittently, food that is sweated on, and people that are just blantently rude then you will love this place, otherwise I would just go see a movie or just flush the money you would have spent on bowling down the toilet cause that is the type of experience that you are going to receive.

Comment Date: 2/22/2009 Name: Cheryl
I went there tonight with some friends and I had to sit in the car because the smoke was aweful and it makes me sick to smell it. Not a place to take children. If Mr. Boland reads these reviews, Please ban the smoking so myself and others like me can enjoy the game.

Comment Date: 1/23/2009 Name: Joshua Lineback
We went bowling there this past Wed. night and had the worst time ever. We were put on lane 21 where the ball return kept jamming up or something and wouldnt return the ball. we told the attendant multiple times about the problem and he never even attempted to fix it. after spending 2 hours and only finishing 6 frames of one game we decided to leave. The same attentant had the audacity to tell us we owed them 6 bux. HAHAHA. We told him maybe he should go back to the game he had been spending all his "valuable" time on instead of the customer. I did not pay him and WILL NOT nor will I EVER recommend this bowling alley to anyone. I believe you are better off driving to Dothan. NO ONE GO TO BOLAND LANES IN ENTERPRISE!!

Comment Date: 10/28/2008 Name: Mac
They aren't the only place in town. Fort Rucker also has a bowling alley. They only allow smoking in a separate room. Their party packages are cheaper with more food choices.

Comment Date: 6/26/2008 Name: Etown girl
If they would ban the smokers we would go more but they won't take our kids there until they do.

Comment Date: 2/13/2008 Name: karistin
boland lanes is fun and enjoyable it is not expensive

Comment Date: 10/27/2007 Name: me
it is too expensive 30$ per game??what the heck

Comment Date: 9/27/2007 Name: Theresa
The cost is high, the food is greasy, and the workers at the main counter aren't always friendly, but I will still go there because it's close-by. Disco bowling is lots of fun.

Comment Date: 7/28/2006 Name: Gamerjet
Offers a good game of bowling with plenty of lanes for everyone. Although, I do wish it was a bit cheaper per a game cost, and the food was better. Still, it's the only one in town.

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