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Burke Bowl A Rama

  Name: Burke Bowl A Rama  
  Address: 906 Main Street  
  City: Burke  
  State: SD  
  Zip: 57523  
  Phone: (605) 775-9100  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Burke Bowl A Rama
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Comment Date: 6/3/2014 Name: Jeri
This made me tear up Tamara. It's an absolute preselics time capsule/ diary for your daughters. I've always adored your photographic style.. you capture the soul and energy, particulary of children. But, reading this, your words -from your heart- were so powerful. WOW, you are SO blessed to be able to communicate your positive, loving energy in a way that I and so many others, feel a reaction. For me it was a tingle I really felt what you were saying. We met when you photographed our granddaughters Gemma and Ebony at Boondall -looking for fairies. I've followed your journey, and saw that you seemed to come to a cross road. That happens at times when you just don't want it to!! When it's happened to me, I've been SO pissed off, but looking back, it was pointing me in the right direction. Whatever you do, you'll always be good at expressing yourself, that's your gift. Take time out then.. in between your photography, think about writing a book !! You are so gifted with words. Or, combine the two. Just a thought .Best wishes to you and your family,Take care. xxWendy Cook

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