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Bardstown Bowling Center

  Name: Bardstown Bowling Center  
  Address: 1012 Commerce Boulevard  
  City: Bardstown  
  State: KY  
  Zip: 40004  
  Phone: (502) 348-2003  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
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Bardstown Bowling Center
How Does Bardstown Bowling Center Rate?
Votes:    21
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4
Food: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
Price: Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4
Fun: Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1
Overall: Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3
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Bardstown Bowling Center Comments - Add your comment
Comment Date: 12/2/2015 Name: Jay
Good Alley for the price, enjoy the staff and bowling is fun. League play is very competitive and everyone is in good spirits. Give it a roll if your in the area.

Comment Date: 7/29/2014 Name: me
went on the web page and there s a big picture blocking the prices how am I suppose know how much money I need to bring in if I can't see the rates

Comment Date: 7/15/2013 Name:
New website with complete information on our center is now live. Please visit us!

Comment Date: 12/21/2011 Name: ralfb4u
The lanes and condition have honestly improved over the last year or so an the leauges aren't thaat bad. They are only on mon. tues. and sundays.

Comment Date: 9/30/2011 Name: OfF
this bowling center s*cks b*llz!!!!! embarassed by the name... leave bardstown out of it.

Comment Date: 7/26/2009 Name: Mark
There is absoloutley no imformation on the website! {**NOTE** This center does not appear to have a website.** B2U Staff}

Comment Date: 3/31/2009 Name: Dee
I have to agree with what others have said, there is NO information here or on your door or your answering machine, there seems to be no structure to the center on children or scheduled times for family vs leagues AND a huge thing for me, the main reason I don't even go and support the center, SMOKING. Smoking is not the cool option anymore and with the health risks known and available now days? Why would you still allow it. I think the center could be much better if you made some huge decisions to renovate your current practices concerning all these issues.

Comment Date: 2/20/2009 Name: Jordon
The lanes are great but there are always leagues going on so its tough on walk-ins. They need to make it a little more casual.

Comment Date: 2/9/2009 Name: sheila
They need to make it non-smoking everywhere else has went to that. Definitely need to get rid of all the unsupervised brats running around in there. Who can have any fun when you have a bunch of kids running around, not bowling but taking up lanes, and very disrespectful of everyone else that is there. On the plus side, the food is excellent and so is the customer service. It just needs to be ran like a bowling alley and not a babysitting service.

Comment Date: 1/18/2008 Name: me
This bowling alley never seems to be open to just go in and bowl, it's always locked up with league schedules. bleh

Comment Date: 11/20/2007 Name: Me
I dont understand why you dont have any information on your page. U need to have the time and days that you are working, I tried calling but that dosent get through either. I have never ben to your bowling center but want to but cant if i have no information.

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