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Columbus Bowling Center

  Name: Columbus Bowling Center  
  Address: 2010 State Street  
  City: Columbus  
  State: IN  
  Zip: 47201  
  Phone: (812) 372-7857  
  Hours: 10 a.m.- 8 p.m.  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
  Comments: Smoke Free.  
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Columbus Bowling Center
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Votes:    44
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2
Food: Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1
Price: Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2
Fun: Actual Value is 2.4Actual Value is 2.4Actual Value is 2.4
Overall: Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2
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Columbus Bowling Center Comments - Add your comment
Comment Date: 8/4/2015 Name: Anonymous
Unbelievable upgrades. New owner and the place is great. Very fun place to go with friends.

Comment Date: 5/24/2015 Name: Anonymous
Expensive and the food is not good. Franklin is a much nicer, and affordable center

Comment Date: 3/30/2014 Name: M D Soliday
Good place to bowl. Friendly staff and the best hamburgers in town. Also a fine Pro Shop.

Comment Date: 12/7/2013 Name: Kenya
IS bowling canceled today?

Comment Date: 10/24/2013 Name: league bowler
I have bowled here for years and we have a blast.

Comment Date: 3/26/2013 Name: Anonymous
The staff is always unfriendly, they act like you owe them something.

Comment Date: 1/5/2013 Name: Skool bowler
I bowl for my high school and we have been there now 3 times and the lanes have s*cked every time the dont oil the lanes so my ball hooks non stop... I will admit i have i lot of hand and normally get about 20 revs before the ball hits the pins but i can cross lane and hit brokland all day even lined up with the left gutter

Comment Date: 7/22/2012 Name: MOM
i only go there for my kids and when some friends and i get together.. friday nights there is a glow bowl thts really fun.. for living here in columbus and having needing a local bowling place for entertainment its good.. i can not speak for the professionals or serious bowlers, they may expect more from an alley..

Comment Date: 8/4/2011 Name: Anonymous
I have bowled here on three occasions and every time I say I will not be back. The lanes are awful and the ball return equipment puts scratches in your balls. The worst was this past time the ball came back with something that really smelled on it. It was fecal matter on the bowling ball!! I will never go back for sure now.

Comment Date: 6/19/2011 Name: Anonymous
I will not bowl in Columbus the bowling alley is bad.Their too cheap to put a nice better bowling alley that is cleaner and better.I will do all my bowling buss.In Franklin.

Comment Date: 11/2/2010 Name: Anonymous
I don't like Columbus Bowling Center.It is dirty and not taken care of.You have to wait awhile for a lane and it cost a lot to bowl a game.Customer service is not friendly.I personally would not bowl their.If it were me I would go to Franklin it's better,cheaper,cleaner and customer friendly.

Comment Date: 11/5/2007 Name: Anonymous
The center is now smoke-free, which is very, very nice! Electronic scoring is convenient, but I've noticed during league play that several times the scoring sensor incorrectly scored a watch out! is editable however. It has a food concession, but the pizza place is no longer open.

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