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Drakula's Bowl

  Name: Drakula's Bowl  
  Address: 6710 Cahill Avenue  
  City: Inver Grove  
  State: MN  
  Zip: 55076  
  Phone: (651) 451-1717  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Comments: We are the only year-round Halloween themed bowling alley.  
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Drakula's Bowl
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Votes:    24
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8
Food: Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8
Price: Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4
Fun: Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3
Overall: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
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Drakula's Bowl Comments - Add your comment
Comment Date: 9/9/2016 Name: Hunter Roberts
I don't know what any of you are saying out there but this place is the best. They have ocean theme things and on Sunday bowling is $1 per game I mean you can't go wrong. The food there is so good but the service for it takes like 5-10 minutes but that's quick for a bowling alley.

Comment Date: 11/16/2009 Name: Jon
Dakula 32 is a 32 lane bowling alley. I bowled state tournament here and really did do well, not to hard of shot. Dont really understand the name and then they have covers above the machines that are ocean. But fun place to bowl hope to bowl there again soon! 4/5 stars

Comment Date: 12/25/2007 Name: Katie
I don't know what half of you people are talking about. This place has wonderful lanes and great service. I bowl there every saturday morning and i LOVE it.

Comment Date: 12/8/2007 Name: Zach
Very good bowling alley, tough lanes, but makes a good challenge. If you can do good here, you can do good everywhere. Very clean and great staff.

Comment Date: 5/20/2007 Name: oh yeah
im not sure what you guys are talking about. learn how to throw a ball with hook!!! i can get my power groove to move here throwing it 14. you guys are lame, one of the nicest places in the state hands down

Comment Date: 3/23/2007 Name: jamie
this is a great place, good food, huge portions for cheap, its great, i dunno about professional bowling, but for a good time, this is a great place.

Comment Date: 11/26/2006 Name: Paul
Talk about a dump!!!! Service is horrible, staff is rude and incompetent. The lanes are so greasy that you might as well wear a rain slicker to bowl!!!!! It is over priced and if you do not melling like an ashtray I would not waste my time on this one!!!

Comment Date: 11/1/2006 Name: Mandee
This place s*cks!!!!! It is way too smokey and the staff at the lanes is rude and incompetent. The advertise open bowling at 9 pm and you will be lucky to get a lane by 10 with only an hour to bowl. I would skip this dump if I were you.

Comment Date: 3/26/2006 Name: Doyle Painter
Unless you have a trimax reactive cover ball or a sanded ball that soaks oil like a sponge, or like to throw a straight ball, don't bowl here. Amoco needs to have the runoff rights to the oil on the lanes. Unless you have one of the aformentioned balls and try to throw any type of a hook or curve,, it will just go straight down the alley or hit the pocket (if you are lucky) weaker than a cat. Their lanes have no backend carry. Don't waste your money.

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