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South Hanover Lanes

  Name: South Hanover Lanes  
  Address: 1767 Baltimore Pike  
  City: Hanover  
  State: PA  
  Zip: 17331  
  Phone: (717) 637-2672  
  Hours: M-SAT OPEN AT 11AM  
  Lanes: 16  
  Lane Type: Wood  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
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South Hanover Lanes
How Does South Hanover Lanes Rate?
Votes:    53
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Food: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
Price: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
Fun: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
Overall: Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9
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South Hanover Lanes Comments - Add your comment
Comment Date: 4/1/2016 Name: Bowler
If you haven't been to South Hanover lanes in a while, look out. The place is packed with bowlers from beginner to pro. Lanes are humming along, snackbar has more options(the pizza is great) and they now have a Pro Shop stocked and staffed to help you with a ball fitting and advice. It is great to see new life breathed in to a bowling alley by Randy and Debbie. Come out and see them.

Comment Date: 4/30/2015 Name: Lauren B
Is there a south hanover lanes website????? Anyone who knows please post!!!

Comment Date: 4/12/2015 Name: New Owners
Welcome to the New South Hanover Lanes...stop by and say hi and be sure to check out the new paint...the new scoring system...the new menu...the new party room...the new lane conditions...and of course our new logo...we are open 7 days a week and have daily or like us on Facebook to find out details about KIDS BOWL FREE!!!!

Comment Date: 4/9/2015 Name: League Bowler
Only recently has this house been under new management and the changes are indeed rapid & positive already. The previous owner let this house flounder without adding anything new or updated. I have been a league bowler with this house for a few years and it's been a pleasure to see the changes take place literally over the past couple of months! Take a look at this house if you don't believe me. The transformation is incredible.

Comment Date: 3/8/2015 Name: Current league bowler
The issue I have is is not the lane condition as I agree you have to adjust to the condition. The issue I have is with the mechanical operation of the lanes always breaking down, there has always been problems and the owner always provided some BS excuse to absolve himself and his lanes of all blame. My bowling balls were gouged numerous times not to mention being covered with dirt and other crap from the ball return equipment. As for the place being clean, I would highly dispute that. The men's room never has paper towels and one of the toilets was broken. No soap in the dispensers as well. You had an owner who advertised hours but never kept them. Why? Because he had no help and was too cheap to hire help. The good news is that he recently sold the lanes to a buyer who has already begun to make wholesale changes for the better. Someone who is actually interested in running a quality bowling business and who it appears to me, will not put up with any nonsense. The jury is still out on S Hanover lanes but since the sale of the place, it has begun to move in the right direction. Time will tell.

Comment Date: 4/14/2014 Name: League Bowler
I have been bowling out here for a few years for fun and in leagues. I have to say I love the atmosphere and the fact their is no bar. As far as the early comments about the lanes and oil. You should learn how to bowl instead of blaming the alley. All bowling allies are different and if you cannot bowl on those lanes it's your fault not the owners. So I just want to say to the owner and staff keep up the good work!

Comment Date: 1/16/2014 Name: Studebaker96
Have bowled here many times. My oldest child is now 13 and he started bowling here and still loves to go to this bowling alley thw staff has all be very nice when the children's ball dont make it down the lane. With my children this happens often as my youngest child is 3. LOVE THAT THERE IS NO BAR AND VERY FAMILY FRIENDLY NONE SMOKING.

Comment Date: 5/15/2012 Name: Pastor Dan
I have bowled here many times, with my family & with church groups (youth groups, family events, etc.). We have always had a great time, no one ever leaves disappointed. Even the kids have never had any complaints. The rental prices are reasonable, the place is kept clean, & we have always appreciated that there is no bar, no smoking & no loud music. Definitely a family-friendly place. Anything but "horriable". I highly recommend South Hanover Lanes.

Comment Date: 5/4/2011 Name: v.
Great bowling alley. Staff is very personable and it seems to be where I always get my highest scores! :)

Comment Date: 1/22/2011 Name: Really?
User on 10/19 thinks lanes are "horriable" - so is your spelling.

Comment Date: 1/8/2011 Name: KAthy
We always have a great time here- everyone is friendly and the prices are super!

Comment Date: 11/22/2010 Name: bowler
you guys are horriable

Comment Date: 11/8/2010 Name: Anonymous
We love South Hanover Lanes. Depsite the economy, the owner hasn't raised prices in the last few years. It's a small facility, but we really like it.

Comment Date: 10/14/2010 Name: Bowler
Your lanes are horriable

Comment Date: 5/11/2010 Name: Worker
We oil the lanes when they need oiled. We keep them in the best shape possible.

Comment Date: 11/21/2008 Name: Matthew Shoemaker
this bowling alley used to be fun and the lanes were nice but now the lanes are not consistenly oiled

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