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Oil Bowl Lanes

  Name: Oil Bowl Lanes  
  Address: 1102 West Cotton Street  
  City: Longview  
  State: TX  
  Zip: 75604  
  Phone: (903) 758-9961  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
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Oil Bowl Lanes
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Votes:    39
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3
Food: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
Price: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
Fun: Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3
Overall: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
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Oil Bowl Lanes Comments - Add your comment
Comment Date: 3/9/2013 Name: Pimpster
I like it alright. Takes forever to get a beer. I'd like two places to bowl in town to spread out all the people. I've been to plenty of nice and cool bowling lanes and this one is not clean, nice, or all that great. But I can throw a ball down the lanes and with Internet jukebox I can play the fantastic metal music I like over that teeny boppin bull that everyone likes. I have to here other people's horrible music everywhere in go. TV, shopping, movies, commercials, ect. I'm stuck listening to BAD and simple popular music. When you bowl with me I listen to my music. Ha. And what is with people complaining that the workers did not help me find a ball stuff. You pick up a ball and see what fells right. So what some balls don't have weight on side. Pick it up dummy. I sure u can tell if it is to heavy or light.

Comment Date: 12/9/2012 Name: Tammy
My mother and father came in from out of town to visit me this past Thanksgiving and we came to this bowling alley the next day for some family fun. Never before I have been so upset, disgusted, and angry about the service or the establishment itself. The very overweight gentleman at the counter when we came in was dressed as if he had been working in the yard. I had to yell at him to get his attention to get some help on finding the right size ball I needed since they do not have their weights written on them. My dad went to the counter to buy a beer and was talked to so rudely by the girl behind the counter. He wanted to buy a pitcher of beer and apparently he was not allowed to do that when there were 3 adults well over the age of 21 and with ID there at the table. I went to the counter and was helped by a different girl and she was just as rude. They charge by the hour here as well instead of per game. Our game was ended before we finished one full game. My dad had his own ball and we had to once again deal with the rude guy at the counter to get his ball back. When he wiped down his ball off to get the oils off, the rag was covered in black dirt. This is the nastiest place ever. I will go somewhere else to bowl. With this being the only place in town to bowl, they should show better service to stay the only one. I am going to see what it will take to open the other place back up!!!

Comment Date: 8/19/2012 Name: wtf
This is the only place to bowl now that longview lanes closed down. Their prices are high, the place is nasty and the employees are rude and inappropriately dressed. I've been here three times hoping it would be better, but i'd rather drive all the way to kilgore.

Comment Date: 6/26/2011 Name: allyse
the lanes always get stopped but anyways from that its a good place to bowl we always go there

Comment Date: 4/1/2011 Name: Wathernot
It would be nice if the place was fixed up half the time the lanes do not work. The bathrooms are always dirty, the people are rude, and be nice if the counter people could follow the rules.

Comment Date: 2/22/2011 Name: Amber McDowell
oil bowl lanes is the best bowling place in the world its so fun that i want to have my birthday there i love to bowl why dont you too.

Comment Date: 5/18/2009 Name: Bowling Ball
Bowl in a league here and really enjoy the place, the workers and bowlers.

Comment Date: 11/5/2008 Name: nomore
This place is trashed. The restrooms stink and are dirty. the counter people are rude. The one guy that wears his shorts down to his ankles smells like three day old butt crack. Will never visit this place again when i am in town to visit kin folks.

Comment Date: 5/7/2008 Name: slick man
you guys really {deleted}. this place needs to get a life. the place needs to relax with the strob lights cuz you cant even see the lanes. chill man chill.

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