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Dinah Bowl

  Name: Dinah Bowl  
  Address: 168 West Main Street  
  City: Vernal  
  State: UT  
  Zip: 84078  
  Phone: (435) 789-3302  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
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Dinah Bowl
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Votes:    10
Lanes: Actual Value is 1.7Actual Value is 1.7
Food: Actual Value is 1.7Actual Value is 1.7
Price: Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5
Fun: Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2
Overall: Actual Value is 2Actual Value is 2
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Comment Date: 6/3/2014 Name: Svetlana
I think there is an equal share of conformism and couisnfon in the scenarios mentioned.HK is a materialistic city, and it is by no means an accident. It is lost within its identy both as a British colony and as a city of Chinese. While by no means people would be willing to agree to themselves in identifying as a British, of which will be seen as a kowtow to the occupiers, it is equally hard to identify as a Chinese under the context of those in PRC. Success, also, has had to be redefined, as no longer can we define happiness. Who is happier, you or I? It is a difficult question to answer, but HK people have been taught that there are always model answers. So if happiness cannot produce a model answer, the answer then lies in the dollars. It is a sad reality that HK looks at $$ at every turn. It is not enough to be good looking and well dress, it is more important to talk about how well dressed you are and which brand it entails. For those not engulfed in such pursuit, the rest of us find it philistine.This also points to another subject - the lost-ness of HK people. how often do you hear people defining anything without basing on some other "authority"? It seems that right and wrong has departed from reasoning, and instead all points to a book of model answers. No one derives the answers anymore, just look for what everyone believes is the right answer. This, in effect, is the same as the part above about going the "right way". Everyone has to follow the same way, from birth, to school, to mate, to work, to death.It is very sad for the working class. For the wealthy class, of course, they never believe in such lies, and they have the resources to not need to. They benefit from your hard work paying for your home, because by saving up and paying you have helped them earn money even when they do nothing.

Comment Date: 6/6/2008 Name: Anonymous
update everything in this place. this place it a major blast from the past

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